Custom Fireplace Doors Guide

Why Should You Consider Custom Doors?

You’ve seen them online at Home Depot and Lowe’s...Stock fireplace doors ready to take home and attach to your fireplace.  Sounds pretty easy, right? But there’s more to the fireplace door buying process that you should know.  

Since the stock doors you see in large retail stores’ websites are made for masonry fireplaces only and come in a just a few general sizes, you’re out of luck if you have a prefab (zero clearance) fireplace which requires a specific type of door or if you desire a perfect fit for your masonry fireplace.

Custom fireplace doors are a much better choice than the ill- fitting doors on DIY websites. Custom doors will be made specifically for the type of fireplace you have,  based on your exact measurements. Not to mention the fact that you can customize your doors even more by choosing features such as tinted glass or a painted frame.


Ordering Custom Doors

If you’re like most people, you’ve never thought about how to measure your fireplace or what type of doors you need.  But no worries. Our customer service team at will walk you through each step of the custom door ordering process and confirm you’ve measured correctly so you get doors that fit perfectly and look beautiful.  And as far as we know, we’re the ONLY online fireplace retailer that offers a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE ON ALL CUSTOM ORDERS!  That’s good to know.


Why Should You Install Your Fireplace Doors Yourself?

You’ll save around $500 installing fireplace doors yourself compared to having a local fireplace retailer near you come out to your home and measure your fireplace, place a door order, and come back for the installation. The entire process from measuring to ordering to installing your doors yourself  is easier than you might think, especially with Brick-Anew’s personal customer service team to assist you. You can use the money you’ll save to upgrade your door purchase. 


Custom Doors vs Stock Doors

Stock doors are made for common firebox dimensions and can be shipped quickly after you place an order. has one of the largest selections of stock doors, pre-made and ready to ship. Standard clear glass and basic black frames are typical with stock doors.

Custom doors are made to fit the specific dimensions of your firebox and usually take a few weeks to be made after you place your order. Not only can you customize these doors by size but you can also choose frame color, style, and type of glass.


Are Custom Doors Worth the Extra Money?

It may be tempting to purchase the cheapest door you can find whether it’s a perfect fit for your fireplace or not.  But spending a little more on your doors and working with a fireplace professional who can help you decide which door will work best on your fireplace is well worth the cost.  Having the right fireplace doors ensures that the air flow around your firebox is adequate, helping to keep the firebox from overheating. And, think about it...The fireplace doors you purchase will be around for many years.  So why not invest in a good-looking set made to hold up over the years and stand the test of time?  

Custom Door Features

You can customize your fireplace doors by choosing from a number of options from from painted frames to tinted glass.  Click on a masonry or prefab door to see how it can be customized. Check out our selection of custom doors here:



Custom fireplace glass doors can be constructed from aluminum or steel.  Aluminum doors are less expensive since steel doors are made from a heavier metal. Each type of metal can be painted according to your custom order.   Anodized aluminum door frames and powder coated steel frames come in a variety of finishes including black, bronze, nickel and pewter.  

Aluminum door frames can be crafted into various patterns and molding styles.  Ranging in width from just a few inches to several inches wide, you can choose the frame width you prefer.

Check out these color choices for the prefab EZ Door Plus:



Specialty Custom Frames

Specialty custom frame styles such as forged iron are constructed from hand forged, hammered iron with slight dimples that enhance the strength and beauty of the raw metal.  Some steel frames can be made to resemble forged iron. 

Arched fireplace doors can be made for a real arched fireplace or the metal frame can be arched to create the illusion of an arched fireplace with a fake arch.  The EZ Door Lite, pictured below, has a fake arch built into the door.

Custom Mesh Curtains

Fireplace mesh curtains come in a large range of sizes so it’s not likely that you’ll need or order a custom mesh curtain unless you have a very unique sized firebox.  Custom mesh curtains are usually pretty expensive, so it’s best if you can find a stock curtain that works.


Custom Glass

Custom glass is tempered and can be clear or tinted gray or bronze. Tinted glass can hide unsightly charred wood and ashes after a fire as well as add to the overall appearance of your fireplace.  


What Type Fireplace Do You Have?

Check out our “Ultimate Fireplace Door Guide” to get more information on how to determine if your fireplace is masonry or prefab.


How To Measure Your Firebox

Check out this page to learn how to measure your fireplace for doors.  Measuring your firebox accurately and sending pictures when you place your order will help ensure you will get the right size fireplace doors with a custom fit.


What Fireplaces Require a Custom Fireplace Door?

Fireplaces that have odd sized openings, either very large, very small, or have an odd shape all require custom made fireplace doors.  Additionally, corner fireplaces, 2-sided fireplaces, and arched door fireplaces will require you to special order a set of custom doors for your specific fireplace needs. 

Why Do You Need Custom Fireplace Doors?

Decorative Appeal

Custom fireplace glass door frames come in a variety of metals including aluminum, steel and iron.  You can choose the frame’s color to complement your decor and choose whether you want tinted or clear glass.  Tinted glass will hide unsightly charred wood and ashes left over from a previous fire. You can choose whether you want bi-fold doors or full pane cabinet style doors.


Proper Fit

The most important part of ordering fireplace doors is making sure you’re getting proper fitting doors for your fireplace.  The way your doors fit influence airflow and ventilation to ensure your fireplace doesn’t overheat. Custom doors provide a near perfect fit since you can order the doors based on your specific fireplace measurements.


Energy Savings

A set of well-fitting custom fireplace doors saves on energy bills since they help keep cold air from coming down your chimney and into your room.  A large firebox opening without doors causes your room to be drafty during the winter months. It’s important to note that fireplace doors should always remain open while a fire is burning.  After the fire dies down, the doors can be closed until you have the next fire.  



Custom fireplace doors keep small children and pets from climbing into the firebox.  And closing the glass doors when your fire is dying out and you’re ready to retire for the night keeps glowing sparks and embers from popping out onto your floor gives you peace of mind.  


Ready to order custom fireplace doors?  Still have questions? Give us a call at 800-897-7175. We’d love to help.

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