Custom Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Glass Doors: Custom Or Pre-made? How To Make An Informed Choice

You’ve seen them on the isles of Home Depot and Lowe’s...Stock fireplace doors just ready to take home and install on your fireplace. Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? But there’s more to the fireplace door buying process that you should consider.

  • First, you need to know what type of fireplace you have. 
    • Prefab/zero-clearance fireplaces have a firebox constructed of metal. 
    • Masonry fireplaces have a firebox made of concrete or brick. 
  • Both these types of fireplaces have specific door requirements. 
    • The stock doors in hardware stores typically come in small, medium, and large sizes and are made for MASONRY FIREPLACES ONLY. 
    • These doors could work if you have a masonry fireplace that’s a common size. 
  • If you have a masonry fireplace that’s not a common size, either too large or too small, having a set of custom glass doors made for your specific firebox dimensions would be a better choice.

If you have a prefab/zero clearance fireplace, the pre-made doors are not made for your type of fireplace. The prefab fireplaces require air space around the doors. Custom doors can be made to fit your firebox properly allowing air to circulate properly. To determine the size of the custom doors you need to order, simply find the manufacturer and model number of your fireplace either in the owner’s manual or on a metal plate in the upper corner of the firebox opening. Or you can just measure the length and width of your firebox. Submit this information when you place your fireplace door order and you can be sure the doors will be manufactured according to your needs.


Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Q: What’s the difference between custom fireplace doors and premade stock doors?
  • A: Custom fireplace doors are made specifically for your firebox based on dimensions and/or information about the manufacturer and model number you provide. Pre-made fireplace glass doors come in general sizes: small, medium and large rather than specific sizes.
  • Q: When would you NEED a custom fireplace door?
  • A: You will need a custom fireplace door if you:
    • Have a prefab/zero clearance fireplace since the pre-made doors are for masonry fireplaces only. OR
    • If you have an odd sized masonry fireplace that the pre-made doors will not fit.

  • Q: Why would you WANT a custom fireplace door?
  • A: Proper Fit: Custom fireplace doors provide a near perfect fit on your firebox opening. Poor fitting doors can look cheap and can make your fireplace look not-so-attractive.
    • Custom Options: Custom fireplace doors give you the opportunity to order specialty enhancements such as painted frames, tinted glass, adding a mesh door just to name a few.
    • Decorative Appeal: Custom doors can be designed as an decorative accent to your home with a variety of styles and finishes from traditional to rustic.

Custom Fireplace Doors

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EZ Door Steel for Prefab Fireplaces

EZ Door Steel for Prefab Fireplaces

This Forged Steel Door is an Incredible Value! Matte Black finish and your choice of glass color in a super thin profile frame.

EZ Door Plus

EZ Door Plus

Upgraded Hardware, Glass, and Options. It's elegant and modern. Available painted finish upgrades only add to it's appeal.

The Coronet

The Coronet

One of a kind, beautifully crafted crown molding zero clearance fireplace doors. You will not find a classier looking door for a price like this!

The Lexington

The Lexington

Durably constructed the Lexington pre-fab fireplace door is a slim and sleek rectangular frame that is well suited for smooth fascias such as marble, tile & granite, creating the perfect minimalist accent to your fireplace.

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