How to Measure for New Fireplace Doors

When you are looking to add or replace your fireplace doors,  you want to get the perfect fit. In order to get that perfect fit it requires just a simple amount of instruction.

Determine if you have a prefabricated (Factory built) fireplace or a masonry (all brick) fireplace.

What type of fireplace do I have?

How to Measure for Prefab (Factory Built) Fireplace Doors.



If you have a model number listed on our website you will only need to verify your opening height and width.

How To Take Measurement Pictures Pics Photos for Prefab Prefabricated Zero Clearance Factory Built Fireplace Doors

How to Measure for Masonry Fireplace Doors.

1. Measure in two places for each dimension. (left/right side for height - across the top - across the bottom for width)

2. When placing your order use the smallest measurement. 

How to measure for masonry fireplace doors 




We are always here to help you in this process and will take the time to get your doors right the first time.

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