*Prefabricated / Zero Clearance fireplaces

All of the Big Online Stores sell a line of Fireplace Doors made by the GHP Group and marketed under the Pleasant Hearth Brand. These doors are made to be used only on masonry fireplaces. On most websites it is typically a fine print notation that is very easy to miss. Check out the first page of the Pleasant Hearth manual (see below) and you can see that it very clearly states that the doors are only to be used on masonry fireplaces.

This Fireplace Glass Door is intended for installation on a masonry fireplace only. Do not use this glass door on a pre-fabricated fireplace.



The questions we get asked most often:

Why don't the big stores sell doors for prefab fireplaces?
1. Prefab fireplaces require doors made to specific size for proper ventilation, safety, and cooling.
2. There are so many different sizes of prefab fireplaces that most of the time a custom door needs to be made to fit the fireplace.
3. Prefab fireplaces typically require a qualified customer service to answer questions and make sure you get the right fitting door for your fireplace.

Are the size and fit different?
Because all of the doors are made for an overlap fit. They can only fit certain size masonry fireplace. Here is an article on the plusses and minuses of this if you want to read more.

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