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Fireplace Doors for Lennox Fireplaces

Finding the perfect door for your fireplace is easier than you think. Follow these 3 simple steps.

  • Locate your Model Number ON your fireplace: The Model number is normally on the upper corners just inside the firebox opening.
  • Measure your firebox opening: Check out this video on measuring for fireplace doors!
  • Find your favorite prefab door! We'll make sure you get the right size.
We'd love to help: Call 800-897-7175 or send an email to sales@brick-anew.com

Installation is easy! Check out our Installation Guide.
Click read more if you know your model # and size.

BrandManufacturer Brand Model -Fits openingQuick Ship Doors Replacement Doors
LENNOXLA4141 1/4 x 25  
LENNOXST3840, KC38, KC38-2, B938, B1038, B1238, BCF3885, BRF3875, CF3860, CHD38, FC3880, FR3870, HC3820, HC3820A, HCE4050A, KC38-3, KR38, KR38-2, KR38-3, RD3800, RD3800A, SHC38, 1038, CST3838 x 21Yes 
LENNOXLBC3824, LBR382438 x 24 10/16  
LENNOXRD3300A, HC3320A, HCE3550, GHC-5500, GRD-5500 G40033 1/4 x 21  
LENNOXBR-36, BC-36, BRF-36, BCF-3636 x 20 9/16Yesyes
LENNOXRD-36, HC-3636 x 20 2/16  
LENNOXKC43, KC43-2, B943, B1043, B1243, BCF4385, BRF4375, CF4360, HC4320, HC4320A, HCE4550A, KR43, RD4300, RD4300A, SHC43, 1043, CHD4342 5/8 x 21Yes 
42 3/4 x 24 10/16
LENNOXTM-4500, TMC-450045 1/4 x 29  
LENNOXEST4800, EST-4848 x 28  
LENNOXBR-42, BC-42, BRF-42, BCF-4241 x 22 4/16Yesyes
LENNOXRD-42, HC-4241 x 22 4/16Yesyes

Lennox Fireplace Doors

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Lennox Replacement Glass Doors

On Sale Free Next Day Ship
Lennox Replacement Glass Doors

Great Value! Quick ships within 48 hrs. for qualifying models. Available in Black with Clear Glass. 5 minute installation: Just snap in doors.

EZ Door for Lennox Fireplaces

On Sale - Save
EZ Door for Lennox Fireplaces

The best value door in the Industry for Lennox Pre-Fab Fireplaces. This door can be customized to your specifications. Aluminum construction, flat black finish, clear glass. Next day shipping for most models.

The EZ Door Steel for Lennox Fireplaces

The EZ Door Steel for Lennox Fireplaces

A steel door for qualifying Lennox pre-fab fireplace models - Incredible value. Black finish with your choice of glass color. Thin steel profile

The EZ Door Plus for Lennox Fireplaces

The EZ Door Plus for Lennox Fireplaces

A zero clearance Lennox fireplace door with upgraded hardware, glass, and options. It's elegant and modern. Available painted finish upgrades only add to it's appeal.

The Merino for Lennox Fireplaces

The Merino for Lennox Fireplaces

The Merino has a solid steel 1" frame. It is available with several powder coat finishes and is a great bargain - compare to similar doors at twice the cost.

The Crestone for Lennox Fireplaces

The Crestone for Lennox Fireplaces

The Crestone for Lennox fireplaces is an affordable all steel door that is comparable to doors that cost twice as much! Constructed of 14 gauge steel,it fits almost every fireplace & is available in a variety of finishes.

The Lexington

The Lexington

Durably constructed the Lexington pre-fab fireplace door is a slim and sleek rectangular frame that is well suited for smooth fascias such as marble, tile & granite, creating the perfect minimalist accent to your fireplace.

The Coronet

The Coronet

One of a kind, beautifully crafted crown molding zero clearance fireplace doors. You will not find a classier looking door for a price like this!

The Heritage Z for Lennox Fireplaces

The Heritage Z for Lennox Fireplaces

The Heritage Z for Pre-Fab fireplaces is our top of the line product, topping similar doors costing much more. Constructed of 1/4" welded steel, its large 1 3/4" frame is made for an overlap fit.

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