What to Expect When Measuring and Installing Fireplace Doors


The first step is measuring your fireplace so that you get the right doors.

Our video makes it easy.

Installing Doors

  • Put the brackets on the side panels.
  • Use the self tapping screws to secure your frame into the firebox opening.
  • Make sure your frame is even.
  • After you have secured the frame, put the glass into the frame to complete your fireplace door installation.
  • Position the frame in the fireplace and center the frame between the left and right side of the fireplace opening.
  • It is Important that the frame is installed with the correct side up to insure smooth operation of the doors. The bottom frame rail is marked by a red dot.
  • Slide the brackets on the backside of the frame and position them against your fireplace box. Hand tighten the bracket. Mark the fireplace at each hole in the 4 angle brackets.
  • Remove the frame, drill the 4 holes your marked with the 5/32 drill bit.
  • Re-position the frame back into the fireplace and secure the frame using the sheet metal screws using a #2 Phillips screwdriver for each angle bracket making sure you don't over tighten! The enclosure may be centered by loosening one side and tightening the other.
EZ Fit Measuring

EZ Fit Measuring 2

Attaching the doors:

  • With the handle at the top (handles must be at the top) fold door together, and locate the bottom door pivot pin.
  • With panel door at 45 degree angle, place door pivot pin into the frame bottom receiving hole clip.
  • Press down on door and slide until top pin slides into the top receiving hole clip.
  • Repeat Steps for remaining door.

EZ Sp Z Thickness

It is very important, however, not to modify or remove any other component of the fireplace. We will manufacture the enclosure (less the cooling air intakes) based on the fireplace opening dimensions you provide. Please be sure to measure accurately. All fireplace doors are made to your specifications.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call 800-897-7175. 

Lead times - After you select your fireplace door our team immediately starts the process of getting your fireplace door to you. Lead time for fireplace doors is approximately three weeks - if you choose clear glass as an option, this can add another three days to the shipping time. If you have ordered replacement glass only, the lead time is three days.

Shipping - Your fireplace glass doors will be flat packed and shipped via UPS straight to your door. Shipping for fireplace doors is free with Brick-Anew.

Unpacking - Here is a great video detailing the best way to unpack your new glass fireplace doors.

Do I need to have a professional install my fireplace doors?
Not at all. If you can hang a picture frame, you can install fireplace doors yourself. The process is easy and can be done with a few common tools.

What tools will I need for installation?
Electric drill, drill bits, and a Phillips screwdriver.

What if I run into problems installing my fireplace glass doors?
At Brick-Anew we stand behind our products - if you have any questions you can call us and speak with a certified fireplace door specialist that can help you with any problems you may encounter. 800.897.7175