Brick-Anew Support Videos

At Brick-Anew we offer support before, during and after the sale. We have prepared the following videos to help you achieve the hearth of your dreams.

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  • Upcoming Project's and More!
  • Brick-Anew Paint Kit Video
  • Measuring Your Fireplace for Fireplace Doors
  • Fireplace Door Installation for Masonry and Factory Doors
  • Installing Mesh Doors and Curtains
  • Brick-Anew Remodeling Videos

Upcoming Projects and More!

We are going to start posting more and more videos of fireplace decorating ideas to help you achieve the perfect hearth at a great price.
Please check back often as we will be updating this regularly.

Overview of Upcoming Fireplace Decorating Projects

Replacing a Filthy Mesh Fireplace Screen with
Beautiful Fireplace Glass Doors

Painting Your Fireplace with the Brick-Anew Paint Kit


A lot of people ask us about the Brick-Anew process, so we put together a little video to show you more about this process.

Painting a Brick Fireplace with Brick-Anew

Comparison of Brick-Anew to a Painted Fireplace

Measuring for Fireplace Doors and What You Receive

The first step in getting the correct fireplace doors is measuring your fireplace correctly. These videos show you how to measure for factory built fireplace doors as well as masonry fireplace doors.

How to Measure for Masonry Fireplace Glass Doors

How to Measure for Factory Built Fireplace Glass Doors

Fireplace Glass Doors - What's in the Box?


Fireplace Glass Doors - Avoid These Problems

Support Videos for Fireplace Doors - Installation

We want you to have as much help as possible putting your doors in and these videos cover how to put the glass into the doors themselves, mounting them into your fireplace and installation of mesh doors and screens as well.

How to Install Zero Clearance Fireplace Glass Doors

Installing Masonry Fireplace Glass Doors

Placing Glass Doors into a Fireplace Frame

How to Install Mesh Doors for Fireplace Glass Doors

How to Install Mesh Curtains for Fireplace Glass Doors

What are "Pre-Fab" Fireplace Doors?


What are Bi-Fold Fireplace Doors?