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Ultimate Guide for Remodeling and Painting Brick

What if you want to dramatically alter the appearance of the fireplace? What if you do want to overhaul the appearance of your entire home? And what if you could accomplish all of the above at relatively little expense and fantastic results, all using a process that's not only easy but fun? We have compiled every resource available to help you achieve any of these issues and more.

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John and Carmen HGTV Fireplace Remodel     Home Renovation Project on HGTV

Have you been wondering whether you should paint your old red brick fireplace? What is the best color to change the paint of your brick fireplace? What products do you need for your fireplace makeover project? Brick Anew has helped a wonderful HGTV House Hunters Home Renovation project, check out which products have been used for this fireplace makeover and what Carmen and John have chosen for their project. HGTV Fireplace Improvement

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At Brick-Anew we offer support before, during and after the sale. We have prepared the following videos to help you achieve the hearth of your dreams.  Video Library

Do you have and/or send out samples of your Brick Anew colors?

How can I match up Brick Anew to my room walls and furnishings without a color sample? (see testimonials)

Why do all the after pictures look different and they are using the same color?

Will Brick Anew work over previously painted brick? 

Do I have to remove paint from previously painted brick fireplace before using Brick Anew? 

How to remove paint from brick? (We should have a page devoted to this)

How do I prepare my previously painted fireplace prior to beginning the Brick Anew paint process. Is there something special I need to do?

Will your High Heat paint work on the Prefab Panels we have in our zero clearance Fireplace?

Will Brick Anew work on other surfaces: Stone, Concrete, Marble, etc?

Why do I need extra base coat?

How do I determine how much product I am going to need for my project?

Will Brick Anew work on OUTSIDE brick? - Brick walkways, brick archways, brick steps, Outdoor Fireplaces, a brick wall etc

Can the Brick Anew  paint kit be used inside my fireplace?

Do You Ship Outside the United States?

What type of paint do I use for the inside of my fireplace? 

Do you sell a color -coordinated heat resistant paint other than black?

Is it possible to order more of just one of the colors, or do we need to order an entire new kit?

I have large spacing between my bricks, do I treat the mortar/grout the same way as I do the brick and use all the colors in the kit?

I have rigged brick unlike any picture on your website, will Brick Anew work for me?

Will Brick Anew work on 'faux brick'?

Do I need clear matte finish for my project?

I ran out of base coat sealer, can I order just 'more base coat' or do I need to order another kit?

Can I return any unused paint product for credit?

I have a real small fireplace, do you have a smaller kit to sell me?

How long does it take me to get my order?

I am afraid to start the Brick Anew process, how easy is it for someone who has no DIY experience?

Do I need a professional painter to do the Brick Anew process?

Is there a YouTube video I can watch prior to ordering your product so I know what I am up against?

Will Brick Anew Paint work on my limestone fireplace? - If your limestone is rectangular shape, yes

Will the clear matte finish work on my fireplace? - If your limestone is rectangular shape, yes