Before Brick-Anew
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After Brick-Anew
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Color: Twilight Taupe

"I am attaching some before and after pictures of our fireplace showing the result of the brick-anew process. This is the Taupe and is about 2 days old when the pictures were taken. The process was easy but as you can see from the size, it took a couple of days not "pushing it". The results are magnificent. We had close friends over for dinner the day after it was finished and they didn't even notice until we pointed it out to them ( they even knew we were doing the fireplace). Our daughters visited (both had grown up in this house) and they didn't even notice until they were in the room awhile. That is the beauty of it, it doesn't "stick out" as other coverings would and it blends very nicely with the decor of the house. We didn't want the fireplace to be the center of attention - and we got those results. Let me know if the pics came out ok. I reduced the resolution for email."