Before Brick-Anew
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After Brick-Anew
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Color: Frosted Sunshine

"WOW.............My wife and I were searching the internet on ways to "improve" the looks of an old fireplace. Our fireplace was built in the mid-70's. We were very skeptical about applying paint or anything else that would be such a drastic change; however, your website had a fireplace that looked exactly like ours and we could not believe the difference. We assumed, of course, that we could never make our fireplace look as good as someone made that fireplace look. But hey, what did we have to lose (see the before pic). Your product is wonderful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You really got me when you put in writing that you would send me $5.00 for before and after pics when you did not know if our project turned out good or bad. WELL CHECK IT OUT......... I am not as interested in the $5.00 as I would be in a discount on another purchase. I have a very similar firplace upstairs that is almost as bad as the one downstairs. We currently use this firplace for fires, but we are considering doing the same thing upstairs this spring. Check out the pics..............amazing."