Vented or Vent Free Gas Logs For You Fireplace.  Check your fireplace manual or a local expert to verify your model requirements

Buying Guide:  3 Items You Need to Know in Selecting Gas Logs


 Gas Logs can be either Vented or Vent-free depending on your needs and the building codes in your area.

 FREE Shipping|  No Cleanup | No Mess | No Pollutants | No Hauling or Storing

Our selection of gas logs provides the safest, most energy efficient way to warm the living space, your friends, and the entire family. With gas alternatives, you can settle down to a cozy night's fire without Hazardous Creosote or Smoldering Ash. These convenient self-igniting fireplace logs are clean, insect free, and yield up to 40% less emissions than traditional wood.

Vented Gas Logs

Vented Fireplace Gas Logs- As the closest rival to a natural fire,  Vented Fireplace Gas Logs will provide supplemental heat. Great for ambience and aesthetics,  very decorative and  realistic to wood burning.  They are   comparable to burning real wood  without the hassle of cleanup.    You can recognize vented gas logs by its big full flames, big full color.  You will see lots of yellow,  orange, and big ember beds.  We strongly recommend installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors in any gas installation. Watch how realistic  this product is, while enjoying a perfect evening with neighbors and loved ones. Prices Start at $415.

Vent Free Gas Logs

Vent-Free Fireplace Gas Logs -The vent free gas logs produced a tremendous amount of heat and that hot air comes straight out of the fireplace box into the room. Think of vent free gas logs as a furnace or heater.     The  flames are not in physical contact with the logs, the flames come through cut-outs (between the logs).  so you will see 2 cut-outs,  or 3 cut-outs vent free gas logs sets.  The flame is designed for a specific pattern and must be installed in an approved vent free fireplace.   It is important to check your local fire codes, some states don’t allow vent free gas logs. We strongly recommend installing Carbon Monoxide Detectors in any gas installation. Prices Start at $499

Questions - Call 800.897.7175 or Visit Our Gas Log FAQ.



Royal Oak Gas Log Set - Vented

Prices start at : $415.00

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