Replacement Fireplace Mesh Curtains

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Replacement Fireplace Mesh Curtains

  • Replacement mesh curtain for your fireplace
  • Measurements include: 48" x 18" up to 48" to 30"
  • Includes hanging rod and screen pulls
  • 19 gauge 1/4" screens sold in sets of two
  • Hanging rod extends to maximum of 58" maximum width
  • Measure twice, so we cut once. Screen sales are final.

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Mesh Screen and Door

The benefits of replacement mesh screens: The most important benefit is safety.

Fireplace screens allow you to keep a fire burning and allow all the heat to penetrate into the room while keeping sparks and hot ambers from flying into your living space. Burns and home fires from hot ambers and sparks can obviously be very dangerous and are a common occurrence. 

Fireplace Mesh Screens and Doors are cut to your specific measurements and are non returnable.

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