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3 Designer Color Schemes to Match Any Decor

Your brick fireplace should perfectly compliment the decor in your home. That's why we've consulted top-class designers and used the experience of professional painters to select the 3 color schemesTwilight Taupe, Misty Harbor, and Frosted Sunshinefor the Brick Anew Fireplace Paint Kit. You'll notice Brick Anew fireplace decorating specialists say "color schemes" instead of "colors" because each fireplace paint kit comes with 4 shades of a paint and a glaze formulated to adhere to your brick and withstand the heat from your hearth. Look over our Brick Anew fireplace paint color palette and then select the one that's right for you on our ordering page.


Which color scheme should I choose for my fireplace?


Not sure which color scheme is right for you? The good news is there's really no wrong choice; all of our themes do a wonderful job of brightening your room and each result is unique due to the way the paint brings out the natural details of your brick. However, in order to produce the best possible results for your fireplace makeover, here's a detailed breakdown of each color scheme an what best complements to each color:


Twilight Taupe

Twilight Taupe Paint Color 

Description: A combination of taupe, tan, beige and cream. 

Works with: Tan, taupe, beige or medium color tones. Our most popular color blends easily with a wide variety of home decor and resembles tumbled marble or natural sandstone.

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Misty Harbor 

Misty Harbor Brick Anew Paint Color

 Description: A light and medium gray combination with cream highlights. 

Works with: Gray carpet or furniture that's any shade of gray. It also matches contemporary designs and cool color tones.

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Frosted Sunshine


Frosted Sunshine Brick Anew Paint Color

Description: A little lighter than twilight taupe. It's a combination of tan, gray and yellowish-cream. 

Works with: Lighter colors like pale yellow or light tan. It makes bold, complementary colors fill your room with color. 

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