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Buying a Masonry Fireplace Door

 Here are some useful tips to remember when buying a masonry fireplace door 

  • Doors are designed for fireplaces with brick or stone fireboxes.
  • Ready made overlap doors are typically less expensive and ship faster.
  • We specialize in affordable fireplace doors priced under $500.
  • We encourage our customers to shop the competition and compare prices.








Masonry Fireplace Door Installation

Installing masonry fireplace doors is simple - all you need is a screwdriver, a drill,and a little time and you can;

  • Install doors yourself, quickly and easily.
  • Watch all our masonry fireplace door videos. 

How To Measure For Masonry Doors  

Follow the instructions in this short video that explains how to properly measure for masonry fireplace doors:

  • If you need help please call us at 800.897.7175 or send us an email and we will be glad to help you in any part of the door ordering process.
  • Watch all our masonry fireplace door videos.

Ardmore Black

Keep the Doors Open for Large Fires











Can I Burn a Fire with the Doors Closed? 

Technically you may burn a small fire with the door closed – however the definition of a small fire can vary wildly. There a few dangers in burning fires with the doors closed: 

  • It violates all manufacturer warranties and most established fire codes. Your firebox is made of metal and that it requires proper ventilation and cooling- if your firebox becomes too hot, it becomes a fire hazard.
  • If you close your doors to build your fire – all the heat will go up your chimney instead of into the room.
  • While we sell the highest quality tempered glass with all our doors, it is not made to withstand extremely high temperatures. – please call 800.897.7175 if you have questions.
  • You may see that most of the pictures of fp doors show them in a closed position with a fire behind them, this is done by the manufacturer when they photograph the doors. This is an industry standard that is done for presentation purposes only.

Upclose FP Frame

What is the Difference Between Frames 

  • Frames range from simple anodized aluminum to guage welded steel frames. Frame widths refer to the outer portion of the fireplace doors.
  • Aluminium alloys are anodized to increase corrosion resistance, to increase surface hardness, and to allow dyeing (coloring), improved lubrication, or improved adhesion.
  • Steel is an alloy consisting mostly of iron, with a carbon content. As the gauge number increases, the material thickness decreases.

Glass Options

Burning Real Wood? Consider Tinted Glass  

  • If you are burning real wood we recommend you choose a tinted glass. Our tinted glass does a great job of hiding ugly ashes the morning after a fire.
  • Bronze, Grey or Clear on most model fireplaces
  • Consider Tinted Glass