Majestic R36 Fireplace Doors

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The models listed here have an opening of 36" x 21.5"

You can verify this by measuring it and then verifying the metal tag with your model number as shown below: MBU36, MBU36I, MBUC36I,MB36, MST36, MBUC36, RC36, R36, MSF36, BT8363

Want more info? Download our PDF: Complete Guide to Fireplace Doors

Here are some tips to buy and install your new doors:

Remove your old doors so you can see exactly where the new door will be installed. Look for any old parts or protrusions that are in the edges. For example: old screen rods and vent handles. Here is a short video that shows exactly how to measure your fireplace and points out some of the common “gotcha’s” a prefab fireplace may have. Next confirm the make and model of your fireplace. Look for a tag with make and model on it like this:  

Where is my fireplace model number?

  • Tip - do not go by the model # on your owner’s manual. Manufacturer’s are notorious for using the same manual for different models even though the specs may be different. 
  • Tip - take a snapshot of your fireplace and send it to Please send a couple of angles including your fireplace hearth and a close up of the corners. (We need to be able to see the entire fireplace so that we can help spot any problems.
  • Tip - Stone Fireplaces and Tile Surrounds - if you have a stone fireplace look closely to see if any stone protrudes into the opening of your firebox. This can prevent your replacement doors from fitting into the opening. 

Majestic  R36

The EZ Door - Best Value Door in the Industry

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EZ Door for Majestic Fireplaces

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EZ Door for Majestic Fireplaces

Special Price $399.00

Regular Price: $419.00

The best value door in the Industry for Majestic Pre-Fab Fireplaces. This door can be customized to your specifications. Aluminum construction, flat black finish, clear glass. Next day shipping for most models.

The EZ Door Steel for Majestic Fireplaces

The EZ Door Steel  for Majestic Fireplaces

A steel door for Majestic fireplace models - Incredible value. Black finish with your choice of glass color. Thin steel profile

The EZ Door Plus for Majestic Fireplaces

The EZ Door Plus for Majestic Fireplaces

A zero clearance Majestic fireplace door with upgraded hardware, glass, and options. It's elegant and modern. Available painted finish upgrades only add to it's appeal.

The Merino for Majestic Fireplaces

The Merino for Majestic Fireplaces

The Merino pre-fab Majestic fireplace has a solid steel 1" frame. It is available with several powder coat finishes and is a great bargain - compare to similar doors at twice the cost.

The Coronet

The Coronet

One of a kind, beautifully crafted crown molding zero clearance fireplace doors. You will not find a classier looking door for a price like this!

The Crestone for Majestic Fireplaces

The Crestone for Majestic Fireplaces

The Crestone for Majestic Pre-Fab fireplaces is an affordable all steel door that is comparable to doors that cost twice as much! Constructed of 14 gauge steel,it fits almost every fireplace & is available in a variety of finishes.

The Lexington

The Lexington

Durably constructed the Lexington pre-fab fireplace door is a slim and sleek rectangular frame that is well suited for smooth fascias such as marble, tile & granite, creating the perfect minimalist accent to your fireplace.

The Heritage Z for Majestic Fireplaces

The Heritage Z  for Majestic Fireplaces

The Heritage Z for Majestic pre-fab fireplaces is our top of the line product, topping similar doors costing much more. Constructed of 1/4" welded steel, its large 1 3/4" frame is made for an overlap fit.

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