How to Paint Your Brick Fireplace

How to Paint Your Brick Fireplace in 5 Easy Steps


Updating old brick fireplaces is one of the best investments you can make in your home. Not only does it make your room more enjoyable, but it increases your home's value. Using our Brick-anew paint kit we show you exactly how to paint your brick fireplace with guaranteed great results.


number one Clean your fireplace. Get rid of all dust, dirt, loose mortar, and soot on your brick. This ensures that the base coat/sealer completely bonds with your brick and lasts for years to come. You can try using soap and water or household cleaners, but we recommend our Fireplace Brick Cleaner. It is formulated to dissolve the toughest creosote and ash residues without containing dangerous acids. No need to worry about stains on your brick since they will be covered by the fireplace brick base coat/sealer

number two

Apply the base coat/sealer. After taping off your fireplace, paint on the base coat/sealer over all your brick and mortar using the included paint brush (see everything Brick Anew Fireplace Paint Kit includes for your complete fireplace makeover).



number three

 Apply the color. Use your small roller or sponge to apply color (choose your fireplace paint color first) 1, followed by the glaze, color 2 and color 3, letting the paint dry between each step. The easy to follow written instructions and DVD will show you exactly how and where to paint to make your work look like a professional did it. 

number four

Apply the clear matte finish. Apply the optional Clear Matte Finish after allowing the paint to dry completely. Voila! You're done. Replace your accessories, light the fire, and enjoy the beautiful fireplace you've created. You'll kick yourself for not doing it sooner. 

number five

Enjoy your beautiful new fireplace. Here is the final look - brick with the look and feel of real brick. Note: If you have a question in the middle of your fireplace painting project, send us an email even if it's the weekend or after our regular office hours and we'll be glad to help. Still have questions about the Brick-Anew process? Watch the video below for more information:

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