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High Temperature Stove & Fireplace Color Paint | Brick Anew


Heat can reach extreme temperatures in your firebox. The only way to transform your firebox with a new look is by using high temperature resistant paint.

Up to 1200 degrees protection and will retain color with Extended Exposure to 400 degrees. 

Use for metal painting, but can be used on fireplace brick, masonry, and ceramic fiber liners. 

This product comes in a 12 oz can of spray paint for ease of use. Spraypainting the inside of a firebox is much easier than painting with a brush.

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If you are looking for other fireplace painting ideas to transform the brick on your old brick fireplace, we also offer our custom brick fireplace paint.  Check out our Brick-Anew Paint Colors 

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  • Stove Bright  high temperature stove paint is great for touching up more than just stoves- Anything made of steel or cast iron can benefit from a few coats of this silicone resin paint, including barbecue grills, fireplace tools, and chimney caps.

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