The EZ Door Plus for Heatilator Fireplaces

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The EZ Door Plus for Heatilator Fireplaces

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Welcome to our Worry Free Fireplace Door Ordering System!

We care about getting your order right the first time. That’s why we provide each of our customers with their own friendly, personal fireplace door consultant to answer any questions and make sure your firebox measurements are correct so the door you order will fit perfectly.

There’s no need to stress if you have doubts about how you’re measuring. Simply place your order with the measurements of your firebox opening to the best of your knowledge. After we receive your order, a fireplace door consultant will be in touch with you shortly to confirm your order, check your measurements, and make any changes necessary before your order goes to production.

So go ahead and place your order now with confidence and we look forward to talking with you soon!

The EZ Door Plus adds a touch of elegance to any zero clearance fireplace. Choose this functional EZ Door Plus with bi-fold glass fireplace doors, just check all its features:

  • Lead Time: 28 Days  

  • Durable3/4" Anodized Aluminum Frame

  • Complimentary Black Finish

  • Upgradable to a Powder Coat Painted Finish

  • 1/4 Inch Tempered Bronze, Gray, or Clear Glass

  • Lifetime Warranty on Glass - 5 Year Warranty on the Frame

  • BiFold Trackless Doors

  • Doors Must Be Opened While Burning.

The EZ Door Plus

EZ Door Plus

The EZ Door Plus works on any metal firebox, we only need your fireplace measurements or model number.

"EZ Door Plus" Fireplace Doors are full-surround fireplace doors that are also available in an array of painted finishes.

Doors Must Be Opened While Burning.

EZ Door Plus Features:

Sp Z Bifold doors 

  • Trackless bi-fold fireplace doors open up 180 degrees for enhanced viewing and safety.

  • Bi-fold trackless doors allow easy access so you can be more regular in cleaning the fireplace.

Specifications & Warranty

EZ Door Plus for Fireplaces

Material: Anodized Aluminum

Glass: Tempered - Lifetime Warranty

5 Year Warranty - Frame


Manf.BrandHeatilator Brand ModelFits openingQuick ShipReplacement Doors
HEATILATOREL36, EL36I, E36, EC36, HB36A, HB36AI, HR36, HC3636 x 20 15/16YesYes
HEATILATORE39, EC3939 x 20 15/16Yes 
HEATILATORTD36B, DX36, DX36AI, T588, ST36D, T360036 x 20 15/16Yesyes
HEATILATORHD36B, HD36BI36 x 22 8/16  
HEATILATORA36RH, A36R, A36C, A36CH36 x 24  
HEATILATOREL42, EL42I, E42, EC42, HB42A, HB42AI42 x 20 15/16Yesyes
HEATILATORHD42B, HD42BI42 x 22 8/16  
HEATILATORTD42B, DX42, DX42AI, ST42A42 x 22 15/16  
HEATILATORT768, T420042 x 24  
HEATILATORA42RH, A42R, A42C, A42CH42 x 24  
HEATILATORT480048 x 28  



The first step is measuring your fireplace so that you get the right doors. 

Watch the video tutorial


Put the brackets on the side panels.

Use the self tapping screws to secure your frame into the firebox opening.

After you have made frame even, secure the frame, put the glass into the frame to complete your fireplace door installation.

Tools Needed

Electric Drill, - 5/32 Drill Bit, #2  - Phillips Screwdriver 

I Don't Know My Manufacturer or Model

Cust Measure

When your fireplace manufacturer and model number can't be located, snap some photo's (as shown)  send them and your measurements to 


Where to Measure

 customer measuring

Measure the width and height of the steel opening where the enclosure will fit. This will be the same position that the fireplace manufacturer’s enclosure would be installed. Do not measure the finish material in front of the fireplace; brick, stone, marble, slate, tile, etc.

Frame Thickness

 EZ Door Plus Thickness

Photo (left) shows the corner of frame and thickness.

The EZ Door Plus uses a Trackless Bi-Fold Door  to properly retrofit your fireplace.

This frame is installed by sliding the frame back into the opening approximately 1 inch. The frame is secured by 4 screws. Next the doors are snapped into the newly installed frame. This ensures a proper fit every time


EZ Fit Measure 1

Position the frame in the fireplace and center the frame between the left and right side of the fireplace opening.

It is Important that the frame is installed with the correct side up to insure smooth operation of the doors.

 What to Expect when Measuring and Installing Fireplace Doors

Attaching the Doors

EZ Fit Measure 2

With the handle at the top (handles must be at the top) fold door together, and locate the bottom door pivot pin.

With panel door at 45 degree angle, place door pivot pin into the frame bottom receiving hole clip.

What to Expect when Measuring and Installing Fireplace Doors

Supported Fireplace Model Numbers
A36C --- HE34
A36R --- HE34
A42C -- HE39
A42R -- HE39
DX36 --- HE32
DX36AI --- HE32
DX42 --- HE37
DX42AI --- HE37
E36 --- HE30
E39 --- HE31
E42 --- HE35
EC36 --- HE30
EL36 --- HE30
EC39 --- HE31
EC42 --- HE35
EL42 --- HE35
HB36A --- HE30
HB36AI - HE30
HB42A ---HE35
HB42AI ---HE35
HC36 --- HE30
HD36B --- HE33
HD36BI --- HE33
HD42B --- HE36
HD42BI --- HE36
HR36 --- HE30
ST36D --- HE32
ST42A --- HE37
T3600 --- HE32
T4200 --- HE38
T4800 --- HE40
T588 --- HE32
T768 --- HE38
TD36B --- HE32
TD42B --- HE37

Customer Reviews

A Step above in Style and Quality Review by Tom (staff)
Hey Welcome to Tom's Corner. What makes the EZ Door Plus one of the best doors manufactured is.....service,5 year warranty on the frame, lifetime glass warranty,top of the line quality. Trackless bi-fold glass door, is precision made and available in different colors at a small price. Shipment averages around 3 weeks and in some cases within 2 weeks.
I hope this information helps you, please contact one of our representatives at 800-897-7175 if we can answer any questions. Thanks......Tom (Posted on 7/2/2014)