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Vent Free Gas Logs

Vent Free Gas Logs Produce Maximum Heat!

Minimal Fuel, Maximum Heat

Vent Free (Ventless) Fireplace Gas Logs - Ventless systems compensate for their appearance by emitting far less pollution and abundantly more heat than any other alternative. Historically referenced as “vent-free heaters,” they do not depend on an open flue: resulting in 99.9% of their convective heat generation retaining within the home. Adding to their luster, vent free logs require less energy: accumulating big savings on your heat and gas bills

    Burns Least Amount of Fuel for Most Amount of Savings<li >Maximum Heat Efficiency | Convective & Radiant - Burned with Damper Closed | Some Models Do Not Require a Chimney


Questions - Call 800.897.7175 | More Information on Ventless Gas Logs.

Vent Free Gas Logs

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