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Fireplace Hoods for Vented & Vent Free Fireplaces

Your fireplace regularly reaches temperatures of 1300º. Rising heat has damaging effects on your mantel and hearth surround. Fireplace hoods are not just decorative, they are an inexpensive necessity to prevent damage and soot build up in your home. Wallpaper, paintings and walls can all be protected by hoods.

Almost all fireplace inserts and vent free gas logs now require the installation of a fireplace hood in accordance with building codes. Ironically, the manufacturers of vent free gas logs and zero-clearance fireplaces are not obligated to provide these necessary fireplace hoods with their installations. Please make sure your fireplace is compliant.


Choose from our Vent Free or Vented Hoods

Or Interested in adding Gas Logs? Check out Vented or Vent-free depending on your needs and the building codes in your area.


Fireplace Hoods Start at Just:
$80 Dollars

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