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Brick Paint: What You Should Know About Brick Painting - What if you want to dramatically alter the appearance of the fireplace? What if you do want to overhaul the appearance of your entire home? And what if you could accomplish all of the above at relatively little expense and fantastic results, all using a process that's not only easy but fun?

Fireplace Glass Doors - Fireplace glass doors offer a safe window into our fire, keeping ash, smoke and excessive heat inside the fireplace, where they should stay. They are made to tolerate the high heat of the fire, to which they are in close proximity. The glass doors improve general fireplace safety, protecting the immediate area around it, facilitate ease in caring for the hearth, and add...

 Cleaning a Brick Fireplace- Where there's fire there's smoke, so a working fireplace naturally accumulates smoke and soot. The stains and residue from smoke and soot can be especially hard to clean. If you are not careful, you might damage or discolour fireplace bricks. The following guidelines can help you clean brick fireplaces safely and effectively.

Fireplace Makeover - A fireplace makeover indicates the desire to recreate your fireplace without the large project and expensive work of installing a new fireplace. The reasons you may want a fireplace makeover can vary from the simple, such as prized antlers hanging for years over the mantelpiece that you just do not want to look at any more, to the more complicated, such as an outdated fireplace. If the latter is the case, suggestions for a makeover include...

Fireplace Mantels - Fireplace mantels prove to be much more than just the support for your art. A mantel frames the hearth, adding lines of delineation to the entire picture of the fireplace. The attention that a mantel will draw to the fireplace creates a focal point that is the pride of a room. 

Protecting Your Brick Fireplace - Brick-Anew Clear Matte Finish is the ideal way to protect your new fireplace paint job. You've put forth the effort to paint your brick. Now that you've set down the paint brush, go the extra mile: defend your hard work, protect your investment, and rest easy knowing your fireplace paint job will look as fresh as the last coat of paint.

Fireplace Holiday Decorations - If you're like most people, you don't think about getting your house ready for the holidays until November at the earliest. But if you want to remodel a living room or den before family and friends come to visit, you might want to get a jump on any big projects before the end-of-year rush.

Investing in Your Hearth's Value - As a home-owner, you have already made one of the most important investments that you can make for your families future. But it shouldn't stop there. Owning a home is not a static thing as you no doubt know. If you make smart choices about the improvements you do to your home, you can see a very nice R.O.I when you decide to put it on the market.

Facelift for an Outdated Fireplace - You've just achieved your crowing glory is a newly remodeled living room complete with fresh paint, new flooring, and updated furnishings. Now, if only you could figure out what to do about that ugly fireplace that sticks out like a sore thumb. It's dark, it's gloomy, there's nothing "retro" or "classic" about it, it's just outdated.

Fireplace Tools - Style and Utility --If you are like most home-owners, you don't think much about the tools that sit beside your fireplace. Maybe you figured they were just for decoration. Maybe you never considered how a tool should look or if it should match your décor.

Fake Fireplaces - If your home doesn't have a fireplace, you can still experience warmth and ambiance with a "fake fireplace." These alternatives to wood-burning fireplaces are less expensive and much easier to install without any invasive and costly construction. Gas fireplaces, electric fireplaces, and gel-fueled fireplaces are preferred by many home-owners for their convenience and style.

Home Improvement: Remember Cost - Now that the real estate market is cooling off, it's more important than ever to look at the bottom line if you're thinking about remodeling your house. The big question is this: What improvements can you make to increase the value of your home without losing your shirt?

Fireplace Remodeling - Today there are many options for fireplace remodeling ranging from the complex (tearing out the existing brick and completely rebuilding) to the simple (using fireplace paint to lighten up and revitalize the outdated brick). This article explores several fireplace remodeling options to help you choose the right solution for your "problem" fireplace.

Options when Removing Brick Paint - This article explores several of the options available for removing paint from brick, especially indoor brick, such as that in a brick fireplace, as well as less dangerous and invasive solutions to ugly painted brick.

Fireplace Makeovers - A good place to start the makeover with is changing the colour of the brick. Changing the color of the brick can, but does not need to, be as complicated as changing the actual bricks.

Fireplace Decorating - Ideas for decorating the fireplace include what to place around the hearth and where. The mantel is central to the decoration of the whole fireplace, and its eye-level décor is the first part of the fireplace that will be noticed. If you don't light your fireplace, decorate the inside of it. With all of this said, now we will approach the details of how you can decorate your fireplace?

Updating a Brick Fireplace -What does it mean to update anything? Simply put, it means to catch up.

Fireplace Refacing - Let's face it. The fireplace façade may be even more important than the fire itself. After all, even the most impassioned fireplace enthusiasts don't build a fire every evening, but your hearth's exterior is visible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Fireplace Resurfacing - Fireplace resurfacing, fireplace refacing or whatever you call the process, the process is calling you! The ancient brick surface of your hearth has seen better days, a lot of them, and you're now in the market for a quick fix that won't look like a rush job. Obviously, you could hire a contractor, throw several thousand dollars onto the fire and have brand new brick installed, but why?