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Choosing Your Fireplace Doors - Tips and Gotcha’s

This short video helps you choose your fireplace doors and avoid some common mistakes alot of shoppers make.

  • How tell masonry from Prefab
  • Measuring Tips
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Fireplace Doors Helpful Information and How To’s

Not sure whether you have a Masonry or Prefab Fireplace? Learn More Here

Masonry Fireplaces

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You’re ready for the cold weather and your fireplace is ready to start working hard to heat your home and provide cozy, warm ambiance for your family. You’ve got the wood or gas logs to burn...but what about fireplace glass doors? Fireplace glass doorscan make all the difference in keeping the warm air in your home and the cold air out. Closing the fireplace glass doors when the fire has burned down keeps icy cold air from coming down the chimney into your room. If you close the chimney flue after a fire, some cold air can still get through. Adding an extra barrier will help ensure your home stays warm and your heating bills stay low. First, you’ll need to determine if your fireplace has a pre-fab/zero clearance firebox made of metal or a masonry fireplace with firebox made of concrete or brick. Since fireplace glass doors are made differently for each of these type fireplaces, it’s important that you’re sure what kind you have. Our fireplace glass doors come in a variety of styles with options like tinted glass and painted frames. No matter what your budget and style preference, we have doors to suit your needs. Take a look at these tips to help you decide which doors are right for you. If BUDGET is important to you… We recommend our custom EZ DOORS for prefab/zero clearance fireplaces. The EZ Doors start at only 239 $. They have a sturdy, black aluminum frame that surrounds clear glass bi-fold doors. These fireplace glass doors are a great choice for rental properties and budget minded homeowners. For budget priced masonry doors, we recommend the Peachtree Doors, a black framed steel door with clear glass that start at just $359. If CHOICES IN STYLE AND EXTRA OPTIONS are important to you… We recommend the Atlantan or the Savannah for masonry fireplaces. These glass fireplace doors are available in a choice of finishes sure to enhance any decor. If you’re looking for stylish prefab/zero clearance doors, take a look at the EZ Door Plus with full swing glass bi-fold doors with a tint option as well as a mesh door option.

Like most products, fireplace doors come in different styles, different quality levels, and with different lead times and warranties. While the cheapest priced door may be a good buy, spending an extra $100 may get you a better door that looks better with your room decor, performs better, and lasts longer.

First are sure what kind you of fireplace you have?
Not sure whether you have a Zero Clearance Prefab Fireplace or a Masonry Fireplace?
We have more info here:
How to Tell if your fireplace is Masonry or Prefab.
Video: Masonry Versus Factory Fireplaces - BrickAnew
Video: The 3 Step Process for Getting the Perfect Glass Doors for Your Fireplace | BrickAnew

Second, luckily there are not an overwhelming number of options, but there are some you may want to consider. So below are some links that may help you:
Here are 2 detailed articles on choosing your fireplace doors.
For those of you who like pictures here is an infographic on choosing fireplace doors.
And finally here is a short video on choosing your fireplace doors

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