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ToWhom it mayconcern:


I am writing this email regarding my recent fireplace glass door purchase from your sales person Tanya Grimsley. We recently purchased a house with an existing Majestic fireplace insert, but no glass doors.


Over the course of the past 2 days I have talked to many companies regarding a glass fireplace door for my unit. I have probably spent at least 6-8 hours on the phone. I have become disgusted with just about all of them, because to be quite frank many had no clue what a zero clearance fire place door was.


Then today, I came across your Company Brick-Anew, and more important I met your sales person Tanya Grimsley. To say that she was and expert in fireplace glass doors would be an understatement. her knowledge, professionalism, understanding of your products, is beyond outstanding.


I have been a Deputy Sheriff for over 30 years, and I don't impress easy anymore. However Tanya's knowledge of your products and attention to detail, blew me out of the water. Not only did she find my out-dated fireplace model, but also was kind enough to send me a copy of the manual for my fireplace.


To be very honest, I was determined NOT to spend over $250.00 for a fireplace door. I had about 4-5 other companies calling me back (once they could find my fireplace info with prices) However I was so impressed with Tanya that I purchased your $399.00 Glass door without hesitation.


I just wanted to share this with you. I am not one to write Company's about employee's, be they good or bad. But I just have to let you know what a great employee you have working for you!  She is the BEST! I don't know what your annual sales are, but I DO know that if you had another 10 Tanya's, you would have 10 times the annual sales.


Please consider this email when Tanya's comes up for her next annual job review.


Bob Peschka - Manitowoc, Wisconsin 




Thank you so so so much for being so helpful through all of this.  You have shown EXCELLENT customer service when most companies in this world no longer even know what those words mean.  You've worked with me to get the product to work for me the best you could, and I definitely appreciate that.

The new pins you sent arrived today and they fixed that problem.  The doors will now click into place on the edges like they were designed too.  And they look great. ~ Joe



I just wanted to let you know that I just called your customer service line and the woman who helped me was absolutely wonderful!  I really appreciate that I got to talk to a person right away and that she was so knowledgeable and helpful was so great.  As a consumer who really values great customer service, I'm often frustrated in our current world of automation and the "get off the phone as quick as possible" attitude.  

She was very patient with explaining where to look for my model number and helpful in describing how to best measure the fireplace in order for us to replace the doors.  I am impressed by this company and will be making an order as soon as I can based on this interaction.  

I wish I had been paying attention to her name, she helped me just before 1:00 pm (pacific time) and we discussed my Majestic MBUC36 fireplace if that will help you know who I'm talking about.  She deserves a big pat on the back.

Thanks for making a customer happy today! - Kimberly Woodbury




Wonderful outcome.  Looks great.  Very easy,  Tom was a big help.

Thank you.

Brian Morkavich



Thanks for all the help. Everytime I called I spoke to someone who was very helpful and friendly.Great customer care! - Paul Poteat

Got my glass doors yesterday two days earlier than projected, that was great. When I got home it was about 5:15 and the doors were installed before 6:00, they look awesome. Thanks for a easy install product that looks good.


Gary Reid

The  Wood Lumber  Company

Falmouth, MA 02540


Wow!   I was blown away by how Brick Anew not only changed the way my fireplace looked but it became the focal point of our family room.  The room just seems brighter and more alive. The instructions were simple and easy to follow.  In fact, with my busy schedule, I was able to perform a step or two and then come back to finish up subsequent steps.   Lastly, Wendy, upon my request, recommended an affordable and beautiful fireplace door to put the finishing touches to the project.  That too was easy to install and Wendy gave me great instructions on how to measure to get the perfect fit.    Awesome product and a great family run business.   Thanks again.  

dee and larry korchan testimonial/ brick-anew and fireplace door

I used my kit over the weekend, Wow! My old red brick fireplace looks amazing. I was so pleased with my results, the whole room looks brighter.I chose the gray color and am so happy. I feel this is a great product and was worth every cent. Thank You ps. The directions are very easy and there was no confusion....:)  - Sue Storms