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The Austin Fireplace Mantel

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The Austin fireplace mantel is a custom wood fireplace mantle surround that will add both a practicality and a flair to your room. This wood mantel is designed to accent the home you desire to have, not one that was choosen for you from a big manufacturer! This is an unfinished wood mantelpiece, which means that you get to choose the paint and stain grade or natural finish for your fireplace mantel. With it’s solid mantel shelf and natural wood makeup, this mantle surround is ready to be custom finished by you.

  • Protected by our site­wide guarantee
  • Wood mantel with crafted panels and moldings
  • Available Unfinished only. 
  • Paint and stain grade.
  • Available in 50" width
  • Miltered Hanger Board and hardware is NOT included with this model mantel.
  • Plinth Base Pairs are available to add extra height to your mantel.
  • Easy installation that’s perfect for DIY'ers

The Austin is a solid wood fireplace mantel with elegant craftsmanship carefully shaped from a combination of beautiful hardwoods such as Choi and Poplar. The Hardwood Choi is a light colored tight grained wood which is similar in grain character to American White Oak and takes paint and stain beautifully. This antique style wooden fireplace is exactly what your DIY fireplace project needs!

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Austin 111

The Hardwood Choi is a light colored tight grained wood which is similar in grain character to American White Oak and takes paint and stain beautifully. Light sanding and filling is recommended before paint or stain is applied. 


Mantel Dimensions - 50"

The AustinFireplace Mantel - 111



Interior Width


Interior Height


Width to Outside Leg atBase


Shelf Length


Shelf Depth


Overall Height



Installation Suggestions:

(This fireplace mantel does NOT include miltered hanger board or mounting materials)

Put the mantel together by putting the main shelf on the floor, upside down. Next bolt on each leg with the hardware included with your mantel. This mantel does not come with miltered hangar board but is the suggestion from the production team. Hangar board can be obtained at most hardwar stores.

A hanger board may be fabricated using a 1x4, cut at a 45-degree angle. You may also cut a piece of wood that runs the length of the mantel shelf or use 2 blocks of wood that will be placed at either end of the mantel shelf. Set the mantel on the length of wood or blocks . Use finishing nails on back side of legs (right underneath the back overhang of the shelf) to fasten to length of wood or blocks.

Miltered Hangar Board

The hanger board measurement should be taken from the floor or the hearth (where the mantel legs will sit or the shelf will hang) to the bottom edge of the hanger board. When mounted correctly, the mantel or shelf will simply hang on the hanger board and in the case of the mantel, the legs will touch the floor or the hearth.

While the mantel's shelf is on the floor, put the loose wall hanger board that is in the box on to the hanger board that is mounted on the mantel shelf. Use your hand to hold the 2 pieces together. When together correctly, the 2 hanger boards will form a complete board.

Measure from the bottom of the leg down to the wall hanger board and record this measurement. Measure both the left and right sides to insure that you have a correct measurement.

Mark your recorded measurement on your wall, both left and right. Take the wall hanger board and mount it on the wall so that the bottom of the board is on your recorded marks. Check to see that your wall hanger board is centered over your firebox before mounting.

Once mounted, if the mantel or shelf doesn't seem to fit snugly to the wall, you may put a small shim of paper, cardboard, etc., to fill the gap where the 2 halves of the hanger board meet. 




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The Austin Fireplace Mantel Review by TOMS CORNER.....Staff
TOMS CORNER.......Hey........thanks for visiting the review of the Austin Fireplace Mantel. If you are looking for a mantel that is full length, sleek looking trim attached, stain grade or paint grade wood unfinished then this is what you are looking for. Do It Yourselfers will love how easy this mantle is to prepare the finish and install. Not a whole lot of frills, just solid build. If you have any questions please contact us at 800-897-7175 and our reps will be glad to assist you. Thanks......................................Tom (Posted on 7/28/2014)