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Annual Brick-Anew Family Photo Contest

Each year we ask our customers to submit their best family photos in front of their fireplace remodeled with our Brick-ANew paint kit. We have remodeled thousands of fireplaces in the past decade and we like to let our happy customers speak for themselves. Browse below to see families that have used Brick-ANew to renew their brick fireplace.

Congrats To The Winners Of Our Many Brick-Anew Photo Contests!

Congratulations to the Childers Family, Winners of the 2010 Brick-ANew Contest!

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Contest Finalists

After purchasing our home we just had to do something with the fireplace. This being our first home and me not really being what you would call a handy man I was lost about what to do with it. The first thing to come to mind was to just paint it with some store bought paint. But after researching the internet and finding your website we have made our dining room fireplace into something to behold and enjoy. We are so thankful for you guys and it was so easy to transform our fireplace from just plain ugly to beautiful with your products. The wonderful thing about it is that is was so easy to do using the products you offer. Thank you so much brick-anew. As you can see in the pictures I have sent, we so love our new fireplace that we had to take a picture of the new addition to our new family in front of it. Again thank you so much and even if we don't win the prize we are still so thankful for you guys. Wonderful company and wonderful products. 

Michael, Monika, and Nicholas Wells

Our family spends most of our together time in our family room. After many years of living in the darkness of our red brick wall, we finally got past the fear of painting it. Sure wish I hadn't waited so long. The Brick A-New process was simple and quick. And what a difference it made! Our place of gathering is now as bright and cheery as the time we share in it.

Brick A-New took the guesswork out of transforming our ugly brick into something beautiful.

We purchased 2 kits

Linda Childers

My wife Suzanne repainted our chimney in March 2008 using a Brick-Anew paint kit (see 2nd and 3rd two attached photos). Before she went to work, the chimney was a black, faux-marble "problem" in our living room.

The Christmas picture is one of Suzie and me with our new, 3-month-old grandson Abraham in front of our transformed fireplace in December 2008.

The third picture shows Suzie and me in front of our fireplace today - with the new gas-insert fireplace we had installed. The fireplace experts who installed the insert were impressed with the Birck-Anew paint job Suzie did - so much so that they thought the fireplace was made with light-colored bricks!

Chris and Suzie Hanks

We bought your Brick Anew Kit in 2007 and sent "before" (our fireplace was green with a few apricot orange bricks) and "after" shots that are posted on your website on 11/16/07.

This family picture was taken just a few weeks later and was used in all our Chrsimtas cards for our family picture, Christmas 2007.

I also have to send the photo of our 18 year old kitty, "redecorating" her Christmas tree. She passed away a year ago.

We are so sold on your product and have recommended it to everyone who has seen the improvement in our home.

Just became a fan on facebook and will watch to see who wins your contest.

Thanks again for a terrific product.

Dena Whisler

I absolutely love your product. I have seen so many painted fireplaces that are on the right track but stop far short of being beautiful. Your product makes fireplaces beautiful! I am so happy with mine and once you see the before and after pictures you will see why. In today's world where the product rarely measures up to the hype, your product is a breath of fresh air. Thanks for making your product all that was promised and more!!!

After transforming the fireplace I got the courage to also make two cornice boards to go over each window in the den. I have started to think I can do anything I set my mind to thanks to Brick-anew!

In the "after" picture is me (Brenda), my husband Logan and our 2 girls, Brooke and Abigail. And of course I can't forget our dog, Sadie.

Brenda Lineberry
Dear Brick Anew- I always hated my fireplace- I wanted to knock it down, but my husband said it would be very costly and too messy. So I went on line and looked up "resurfacing fireplaces", and Brick Anew came up. I decided to give it a try. If it came out that bad my husband would have to agree to take it down. Well, it came out that good!! Actually fantastic!! My old, ugly fireplace became the beautiful focal point of our living room! I ordered new doors through Brick Anew, also, which are perfect and finish off the look. Next I plan on ordering gas logs from Brick Anew. Wendy and I spoke several times and she was very pleasant to deal with whenever I had a question. Everyone who has seen our new fireplace is amazed at the transformation! And I did the entire job myself in one day! This product is a miracle and can make any fireplace look like new. Before Brick Anew I hated my living room. Now I love it!! It is a pleasure to spend time in front of our gorgeous fireplace. This is why I feel our fireplace should be considered for first place in your contest. My photos speak for themselves!!!!! 

Thank you Brick Anew! 

Jeanmarie Montabana

Contest Finalists

We really do enjoy the new look and we can't wait to use our new fire place during the holidays.

Happy holidays!!
Laura C.
My husband and I just happened onto your product online when searching for what to do with our dreaded fireplace. We loved the bricks and didn't want to "cover" them as some design sites had suggested. We were thrilled when we found Brick-A-New online. It took me a day to choose a colour then we ordered right away. The product came within a week. My husband and I completed the project in the evenings over a few nights. We have very bumpy bricks which was a concern for us when we ordered, but the standard kit covered our fireplace, it took about 1hr or so to apply the base coat. Then I was able to apply the other colours two at a time over a couple of evenings. What a transformation I would walk by our room that used to be the dark and dreary den and would do a double take when I saw the painted bricks even though I had done them myself. It was super easy and you can't make a mistake. Just apply and step back and say I did that! Then show all your friends your new room. 

Thanks again Brick-A-New! I would recommend this product to anyone. And I already have, friends, family and co-workers alike have been amazed when I show them the photo's. 

Ottawa, Canada
I am absolutely thrilled with the extraordinary transformation Brick Anew gave our family room. I am an avid home improver with lots of experience and your product even exceeded my expecations. 

Brick Anew turned our dark and ugly brick wall fireplace and grill into a bright and attractive focal point in the room, and I was able to do it while the kids napped! It inspired me to further brighten up the room by building a new mantle, installing a mirror, concealing the wood panelling, painting the ceiling beams, and spray painting the fireplace cover white. 

Thanks for the inspiration and the final results!

We love our new Brick ANew fireplace.

Many thanks for a great product!

The Kutsmeda Family
I DID IT MYSELF! (with Brick Anew) 

The 800 pound gorilla in the room is gone. Now my fireplace is a charming focal point and we love it! Thank you Brick Anew for this easy, fun process with professional looking results . 

I highly recommend Brick Anew. 

Lynn B. 
Tinley Park, Il
I am in love with the look of my new fireplace and we have received many compliments from friends. I hated our old previously painted "red" brick fireplace with painted gray mortar. It was dark, chipping and well just ugyly! I found your website and kept looking at the before and after photos and finally thought "Why not? If it can look half as good as those, it will certainly look better than it does now!" The price made the re-do very budget friendly as I had already had a painter's quote of $950 to do a faux finish on it. So what did we have to lose? I love it as it gives me the look of stone that I desired but could not afford! It brightens up the already too dark room just by being a lighter color. I'm very proud of it and the process was fool proof. 

I play the celtic harp and love playing my harp in front of the fireplace. It is just the right atmosphere. 

Thank you for your awesome product! 

Nanci M.
As you can see, my "best friend" is awaiting the arrival of Santa Claus, but now feels that he has a much better chance of having his Christmas wishes come true with a "dressed up" fireplace! 

The improvement is dramatic and I am so pleased with the results! Thanks for a great product! 

Barb A.
I have to tell you that at first I was soooo nervous about painting my fireplace. After all you can't go back. I even said a prayer before beginning. Then I put on your video and watched it a couple of times before taking a deep breath and jumping in with both feet. I must say I was amazed at how easy it was! And ya wanna know something? It wasn't hard or nerve-racking at all. It was actually fun and relaxing. I sipped some coffee and listened to music as I worked and enjoyed watching the transformation. IT went so quickly too! I remember thinking after each color went on, "Hmm... it looks great just like this, I could stop here." But I was intrigued by how beautiful each step made the fireplace transform, so I ventured on to the end. You can see from the photos the end results are amazing. All of my friends and family love it. I am even putting my pictures up on my facebook page, and I am telling everyone about Brick-anew. Thanks for such a great product!!

Karen K.
We bought our house about six months ago and when we bought it I made my husband promise me I could do something about the two horrible brick fireplaces in our house. I had imagined an expensive and time consuming tile job or something similar. Doing a little on-line research I came across your product and decided to give it a shot.

We did the project really quickly and LOVED the results, especially for the price! I had a party about a week after we finished and everybody was totally RAVING about the fireplace. People were so impressed. It was literally the focus of our new house tour. We can't wait to do our next one. We already ordered the supplies to get fireplace #2 done before the new year.

I know I am biased but my amazing transformation, coupled with my beautiful daughter and nephew is definetly prize winning material!

Not only is your product great, you are a pleasure to deal with. Very refreshing!

Wishing you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Suzanne F.
Boston, MA
Rodney G.
Good morning! Well, our fireplace has been transformed and all that you promised did indeed ring true...I am floored with the results! I have yet to get you "family fun" shots in front of the fireplace cause we are still painting, carpeting, etc the rest of the room! But here is what I sent the rest of the fam today to show them what I was able to do with your kit! You've got a great product...would not believe it if I hadn't seen and done it myself! More pics to come once the room is complete!

Thanks so much!

Christina V.