Brick-Anew Fireplace Painting Products - Buyer's Guide

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Brick-Anew looks exactly like what I’ve been looking for, but what should I order?

Choose a fireplace paint color (Twilight Taupe, Frosted Sunshine, or Misty Harbor) for your Brick-Anew kit. The kit contains everything you need for your project: 2 base coat/sealers, 4 undertone colors, a tool kit, and a step by step DVD that shows you how to paint your brick fireplace.

How do I measure my fireplace?

To determine the square footage of your fireplace, you will multiply: length x width. Measure your brick across horizontally. Measure the brick vertically. Multiply those 2 numbers. Be sure to start your measurement on the floor below your hearth. You should round up if you get a fraction.

For example: If your fireplace is 8 ½ feet wide and 10 feet tall, you have 80 ½ square feet of brick. Round that to 90 square feet. You will need 1 kit plus 2 extra base coat/sealers.

How much Brick-Anew do I need?

One fireplace paint kit will cover up to 120 square feet of brick but if you have over 65 square feet of brick you will need to order more of the base coat/sealer. This is because the base coat /sealer is the first step in the Brick-Anew process and if your brick is porous, some of the paint will sink into the brick. 

*If you have 65-80 square feet of brick: Order 1 kit plus 1 extra base coat/sealer.

*If you have 80-120 square feet of brick: Order 1 kit plus 2 extra base coat/sealers.

*If you have 120-200 square feet of brick: Order 2 brick-anew kits.

Note: It’s hard to tell before you start painting how porous your brick will be so we’ve given it our best guess based on 10 years of experience. It’s better to end up with a little base coat left over for touch-ups in the future, so keep that in mind when you order.

What else do I need?

All other Brick-Anew products are optional:

*Brick and Stone Cleaner: Our brick and stone cleaner is a great way to clean your brick before starting the Brick-anew process . It helps to remove soot, dirt, and grime from   your brick.

*Black Firebox Paint: Our firebox paint is a high-temperature stove paint that can be used to cover soot stains and make your firebox look clean and new.

*Clear Matte Finish: Our clear matte finish is a clear, non-shiny polyurethane product that can help protect your painted brick surface from wear and tear. This product can be     used on the hearth only or all over your fireplace brick. It dries to be invisible so the brick will still have a natural look.