Bronze Fireplace Doors

Why Bronze Fireplace Doors?

Bronze is a hot color in home décor right now. Bronze offers a warm glow to a room with its combination of a vintage, rustic look and a sophisticated style, especially when it comes to fireplace doors. Whether you have bi-fold glass doors or cabinet style fireplace doors, you no longer have to accept the unappealing glare of tired or tarnished brass doors. Accenting your fireplace with bronze is a must, and it is easy to do! You can choose either oil rubbed bronze doors, or you can purchase refinished steel doors with a bronze powder coat. Either way, you will be giving your room a new texture and variety and a stylish, traditional flavor that is all the rage.

 Oil Rubbed Bronze Fireplace Doors:

As a homeowner looking to upgrade the fireplace in your home, you may choose to purchase oil rubbed bronze fireplace doors. These doors have a beautiful finish that brings a luxurious style to any living room, but they can come with a heavy price tag. Homeowners can find spray paint that offers an oil rubbed bronze look, but these paints don’t hold up to the high heat situation around your fireplace, so they are not ideal for fireplace doors. If you choose to go the oil rubbed route, it’s best to buy your doors already finished by a professional company.

Powder Coated Bronze Fireplace Doors

Homeowners do have a more cost-effective option when looking for that luxurious bronze finish for their fireplace. Fireplace doors can be finished in bronze, as it is common for steel or aluminum doors to be available for purchase with a bronze finish, and are much less expensive than oil rubbed doors. These metal doors are sanded down and finished in a bronze powder coat. Homeowners have the option of a burnished bronze or a regular bronze color, both of which are attractive. The high heat powder coat finish is great for added durability around your fireplace, but as always, nothing looks as good as the real thing.

Complementing Your Home

Imagine your living room basking in the glow of a fire surrounded by cabinet style burnished bronze fireplace glass doors. Although oil rubbed fireplace doors do have a more authentic look, powder coated bronze fireplace doors can also complement the interior of your home in an impressive way. Bronze fireplace glass doors bring a polished, elegant look to any home. Any homeowner who envisions a cozy living room being warmed by a fire surrounded by the modern, sleek look of bronze can see why this is a great choice to make.

Check out some of our Bronze Fireplace Door offerings! 

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EZ Door Plus

EZ Door Plus

Upgraded Hardware, Glass, and Options. It's elegant and modern. Available painted finish upgrades only add to it's appeal.

The Heritage Z

Bronze Iron

The Heritage Z for Pre-Fab fireplaces is our top of the line product, topping similar doors costing much more. Constructed of 1/4" welded steel, its large 3/4" frame is made for an overlap fit.

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