Vintage Iron Barrel

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Pilgrim 2300 Series Fireplace Tools - Select Your Handle Style

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The Pilgrim 2300 Series Brass Barrel Toolset has steel handles and is individually contoured on a precision lathe, carefully polished and finished with a protective clear coat. Pilgrim brushes feature a natural fiber that will not produce a flame when exposed to fire.

  • Includes Ash Shovel, Poker, Brush and Ash Rake

  • Available in 6 different handle styles: Ball, Iron Ball, Brass Barrel, MBK Barrel, Steel Barrel, and Steel Barrel vintage iron (tools and stand come in vintage iron)

  • Only available in matte black finish

  • Stand features a round cast iron base

  • Limited Warranty

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Collection: 2300 Series
Height: 23"
Weight: 16 lbs.

Hand - forged shepherd's crook tools designed for wood stove tending. Rake is ideal for managing the wood stove ashes

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