Black Fireplace Doors

When you purchase a set of fireplace glass doors, you expect them to last for years. You’ll want to choose doors that are not only durable but look stylish as well.  Choosing a set of basic black fireplace doors will give your fireplace a clean fresh look that will stand the test of time, even as decorating trends come and go.   


Whether you have a prefab or masonry fireplace, black fireplace doors against the background of the firebox help hide sooty gas logs or charred real wood left over from previous fires, especially if the glass is tinted. 

Normandy Fireplace Doors

Why Choose Black Fireplace Doors?

 Affordability - A basic black frame on aluminum or steel doors is standard so there’s no extra charge for a custom color.

 Custom Options - Black fireplace door frames can be made from aluminum or steel.  With some styles, the glass can be tinted gray or bronze and the doors can be standard bi-fold, full swing or cabinet.

 Classic Style - Black fireplace doors complement a variety of fireplaces including stone, brick, or other types of masonry. 

How Black Fireplace Doors Complement the Interior of a Room


Sleek and fresh- looking, a set of black fireplace doors will complement almost any decor.  Whether your room has a classic traditional style, a rustic farmhouse look, or a modern contemporary vibe, black fireplace doors add the perfect finishing touch to your fireplace. 



Black Steel Fireplace Doors

Black fireplace doors are available in aluminum or steel, with aluminum doors being the least expensive.  Steel black fireplace doors are heavier and very durable, perfect for a fireplace that gets a lot of use. Opening and closing the doors multiple times as you add wood or tend to the fire adds a lot of wear and tear to your doors so they need to be strong and durable.  Steel doors hold up to heavy usage and are made to last for many years.  


Custom Color Fireplace Doors vs. Black Fireplace Doors


It goes without saying that the  classic look of black fireplace doors complement a wide variety of decor and design trends and has stood the test of time.  Black frames have been on trend for many years with no end in sight. Black fireplace doors are the most economical choice since powder coated and painted frames typically have an added cost.  Since a fireplace doors are a significant investment in your home, purchasing a stylish, high quality set of black doors will be a home improvement you won’t regret. Shop Our Black Fireplace Doors now!