The Coronet

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The Coronet

Unique Crown Molding Frame to accentuate your fireplace doors

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  • OVERLAP fit with convex shape for a crown molding appearance
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The Coronet

 The Cornet has a deep frame with a convex shape that creates a one of a kind crown molding appearance. The thick frame allows the fireplace doors to be flush mount to the fireplace with no metal protrusions on the back. The Coronet is an overlap frame which is placed against the face of your prefab fireplace.

Example. If your opening is 36" x 20", then we delivered the Coronet frame at 37.5" x 21"

Choose from:

  • Bifold or Cabinet doors style doors
  • Draft Damper or no Draft Damper
  • An array of poweder coat frame finishes


Coronet Frame Dimensions:

Zero Clearance Fireplace Door Install

  • OVERLAP fit with convex shape for a crown molding appearance
  • Overlap 1.5" for height, 1" for width
  • Dual corner-key construction for safety & durability 
  • All-in-One mounting system with positive catch door latches. 
  • Three Glass Color Choices: Grey, Clear & Bronze 
  • A Wide Variety of Beautiful Colored Frame Finishes
  • Custom slimline hinges allow doors to open 180 
  • Twin Cabinet or Bifold tempered glass doors for full view of the fire
  • Choice of Draft or No Draft Damper Assembly
  • These Unique Doors Are Custom Sized for Your Fireplace

How to Measure for Prefab (Factory Built) Fireplace Doors.

If you have a model number listed on our website you will only need to verify your opening height and width.

How to measure for prefab fireplace doors

When building your door from the ground up we need an extra set of measurements for recess depth) and your pictures sent to This allows us to be sure that our door system will work properly and we know that you have measured in the right places.

How to take pictures and measuring for glass door and prefabricated fireplaces.

1. Height.

2. Width

3. Top recess depth

4. Bottom recess depth

5. Side recess depth

How to measure for prefab fireplace doors

Here is another example of measuring recess depth:

How to measure fireplace recess depth

How To Install The Coronet

Carefully remove the glass doors from the ZC ReFace Enclosure to make the it lighter for installation and to help prevent damage to the glass doors and the finish. NOTE: Frameless TotalView doors are not shipped installed. They will be found packaged in cardboard inside the master shipping carton.

Remove the optional Cabinet Mesh Screen Doors from the enclosure if they were ordered.

If Hanging Mesh Screens were ordered, instructions for installing them are packed with the screens. ▪ The mesh screen panels will be packed flat between layers of cardboard. Be careful not to discard the screens accidentally.

Set aside all of the parts removed in a safe place.

Remove any protective plastic film from any polished metal trim or overlay material on the ZC Glass Door frame or doors if applicable.

Start the Pressure Screws into the mounting tabs on the back side of the ZC Glass Door frame.

Set the ZC Glass Door frame into the ZC Fireplace firebox opening.

○ Check that the OEM screens (if retained) will operate smoothly with the new ZC Glass Doors installed. ○ If the OEM screens will not operate correctly contact your Brick Anew dealer to order screens to fit into the ZC Glass Doors.

CAUTION: Screens must be installed and operate properly on your ZC-Fireplace before lighting a fire. Never light a wood fire without proper screens installed on the ZC-Fireplace.

Center the ZC Glass Door in the firebox opening. Tighten the Pressure Screws evenly. Don’t over-tighten. (Figure 1) NOTE: All Glass Doors for ZC-Fireplaces are engineered with air spaces around the frame and air-gaps in the glass. These air-gaps are essential to help cool the ZC-Fireplace should the glass doors be closed during operation. Figure 1 shows an inside fit with gaps around the perimeter of the Glass Door. Overlap style doors will have air-gaps on the sides of the frame or behind the frame. Never use insulation or sealant on ZC Glass Door installations.

Under no circumstances should these air-gaps be tampered with or altered in any way.

Check that the ZC Glass Door frame is aligned level, straight, and square.

Replace the Glass Doors. Discard the shipping hinge screws if used. Use the color-matched permanent hinge pins that are taped to the glass doors if needed. NOTE: Some door styles use hinges that do not need separate hinge pins. NOTE: If the glass doors do not close properly or do not lay flat against the frame, the frame is most likely twisted. Loosen the pressure screws on the side of the frame opposite the glass door that is away from the frame. Move the bottom corner of the frame out until the doors line up properly. Retighten the pressure screw (s). NOTE: Failure to align the ZC Glass Doors properly may result in glass breakage or other damage directly attributable to improper installation.

Replace the Mesh Screen Doors if they were ordered with the ZC Glass Door. NOTE: If your are using the OEM screens that are part of the ZC-Fireplace make sure that they operate freely with the ZC Glass Door securely mounted. See CAUTION above.

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