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Why So Many People Choose Black For Their Fireplace Doors

In this article, we are going to discuss why so many people choose black fireplace doors for their masonry and pre-fab fireplaces. There are a couple of different reasons that people choose black fireplace doors. Let’s take a closer look at how black glass doors complement the interior of the room.

Matheson Masonry Fireplace Door with Black Finish

Hiding the Firebox

One of the main reasons why black is such a popular color for both pre-fab and masonry fireplaces is because of the firebox. The firebox eventually turns black because of the soot that is formed from building and maintaining fires in the fireplace. So, having a black fireplace door as opposed to a white fireplace door or a colored fireplace door is helpful if you do not want the look of the blackened firebox to detract from your room. In short, the black frame helps the firebox blend in even after years of use.

Black as an Interior Design Choice

There’s a reason most women have the infamous “little black dress.” It matches any outing, and they can wear accessories of any color. In short, it’s the easiest fashion piece that can match everything a woman owns.

That’s another reason why black fireplace doors are chosen so often. You will most often see black fireplace doors included on pre-fab fireplaces because they are mounted directly onto the black metal frame of the fireplace. It looks seamless and provides a nice finish. Even if black isn’t necessarily in the color scheme of the room, it certainly won’t clash. So, black is an easy way to replace the doors of your fireplace and know without a doubt that you will be able to maintain the decor choices you’ve made for the room.

Now, let’s talk about black fireplace doors in relation to masonry fireplaces. You can certainly get black fireplace doors if you really love the look of them. Yet, there are so many more color options that you can choose to enhance the look of your room. You don’t have to choose black fireplace doors simply because black goes with everything.