The Definitive In-Depth Guide to Rustic Mantels

Rustic Shelves, Log Fireplace Mantels, and that Natural Wood Look

We get calls and questions all the time about rustic wood fireplace shelves , what they are, and what they can best be used for. If you have some of these same questions, this page is designed to help you! Each raw timber mantel we sell is designed to give your home a rustic appeal and add to the natural look of any fireplace. Take a look at the types of questions we get about our rustic wood fireplace mantels:

What Log Mantel Styles are Available for my Fireplace?

Log style fireplace mantels , rustic fireplace mantels, and that country log look are really in the same category. This style mantel is what we like to call “rustic” which means country, rural, or plain. These rustic mantels fit the category because they are all made up of raw hand-hewn wood or carved logs. While they all have a real wood makeup in common, rustic mantels come in a few different styles: Carved, Bark Face, Beam, and Half Round Log. Carved mantels have been chipped away by craftsmen to give the log a “chiseled” look and smooth texture. Bark face logs utilize the bark of the tree for additional interest by putting the bark face forward. Beam mantels are logs that have been carved into a square-style. Half round log mantels are made from timber that has been cut in half and set up open faced. You can see these different styles on our rustic log mantels collection page.

What Wood Types are Available for Log and Timber Fireplace Mantels?

There are many types of rustic woods that can be used for your fireplace: Pine, Cedar, Oak, Cherry, Basswood, Butternut, and Walnut. Each of these wood types can complement your home’s decor depending on the stain and paint colors in your room as well as the style of your fireplace. Since each type of wood has a different internal character and color, each one has its own unique look when it’s stained and ready to be hung. Check out our our rustic mantels collection!

Why are Rustic Mantels Different?

Each rustic log mantelpiece has a unique character because each mantel is made from real, natural wood, not just thin pieces of wood assembled to look like a rustic wood mantel. Each piece we sell is a unique log mantel made to enhance the look of your fireplace.

Why are there Different Front Faces on the Mantels?

The differences in the look of the logs is due to the difference in the timber’s natural make up. Some of these wood types are smooth and straight while others have knots or bark. The grain and unique characteristics of the wood dictate the look, rather than some desire by the designer to create a unique look. Each mantel is unique because every tree is unique. Some wood types are more likely to have knots or inconsistencies than others are. This is part of the appeal of rustic-type mantels. Some of our rustic mantels can be enhanced with custom features such as a carved or hewned face and custom sizes to fit your fireplace. Give us a call and we can help you choose a rustic log mantel just right for your home.

No matter what kind of rustic or timber fireplace mantel you’re looking for, we can help you find it! If you have questions that aren’t answered here, or concerns about how a mantel may look in your room, check out our selection of rustic mantels or give us a call! Our customer service representatives love to talk with you about your home and what products we have that may best suit your needs!