Replace Broken Fireplace Glass

If a pane breaks on your fireplace doors, you have 2 options for replacement. Let’s take a look at what’s involved in replacing your glass so you can make an informed decision.

How Do I Replace My Fireplace Door Glass?
Option 1: Buy a set of replacement glass doors

 Replacement Glass Doors

We really believe the best way to replace a broken pane is by purchasing a new set of economy replacement doors for your fireplace. Our fireplace replacement glass doors usually ship within 48 hours and are budget priced at only $199. There’s no stress to find the right sized pane, the correct hardware, or trying to figure out how to secure the glass in the unit. All that is done for you! The replacement doors are fully assembled, ready to install, and are available with black, stainless, or brass accents. These sturdy doors come with clear tempered glass panes that add a stylish, finished look to your fireplace. Buying new doors is always better and easier than simply buying a new pane of glass. Check out our most afordable option: a new set of replacement doors.

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Option 2: Buy and Install a Single Pane of Replacement Glass


Replacing a broken glass pane is obviously the least costly choice. According to M & M Glass Tempering Company located near Atlanta, GA, an average sized tempered glass pane to fit a set of fireplace doors retails for around $40.00. Sounds pretty good, right? But how will the pristine, new glass look compared to the old, worn glass panes it will sit next to in the door unit? If you stand back and take a look, it will probably be easy to see that one pane is not like the rest. Then there’s the process of ordering and installing the glass pane. Here are some points to consider:

  • Before you order your glass, carefully inspect the channels holding the existing unbroken glass. Take note of what kind of hardware and screws are securing the glass in the channel. Many times doors glass is fixed by a silicone seal and it must be factory applied to make the glass stay in the frames/channels. Make sure the same hardware is in the empty channel which previously held the broken glass. Some of the screws, hardware and pressure clips holding the glass can be very specialized and will not be available at your local hardware store. If you can’t find the hardware you need, you might want to consider purchasing a new set of fireplace doors.
  • Once you confirm that you're you have all the necessary parts for replacement glass, you must find a supplier for tempered glass. Regular glass or plastic will not meet code and safety requirements. If regular glass is overheated, it can explode sending shards all across the room. Tempered glass is designed to break into very small pieces without the sharp edges regular glass has. It’s the same glass used in automobiles and windows of office buildings. Many people ask if they need ceramic glass - the answer in most cases is, no. Ceramic glass is a very specialized, expensive glass used in wood stoves and direct vent fireplaces and is made to withstand extreme heat.
  • After you purchase your glass, you’ll need to secure the pane into the bi-fold unit. Finding the hardware that matches the existing parts and fits properly could be a challenge. These parts aren’t usually available at your local hardware store so they’re not easy to get. However, you might be able to purchase some hardware from the original door manufacturer. Securing the glass into the frame could prove to be a challenge since the pins and clips need to be adjusted perfectly to keep the glass secure and stable. Care should be exercised when handling the glass so it doesn’t get damaged or broken.


 Replacement Fireplace Glass Door Tracks and Clips     Tracks and Clips for Replacement Glass Doors

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