How To Get A Brass Look For Your Fireplace Doors

Fireplace Doors with Sleek Brass Finish

Brass fireplace glass doors are making quite the comeback! Brass was once a staple of the modern family home in past decades but went through a heavy decline in the 90s and early 2000s. These days it’s common to see a “brass look” coming back along with a mid-century design. If you have seen them around at your friends' houses, you are probably wondering why that's the case. So why do they have brass fireplace doors, and should you consider purchasing one too? What is brass and why is there such a price disparity between certain brass products and others?

5 Reasons to Get Brass Fireplace Doors

Some brass doors for fireplaces are expensive and need more upkeep and cleaning than other doors, but they are very beautiful and often useful. There are several reasons to use them for your own home:

  1. Aesthetics – Brass looks gorgeous. Simple as that. It's very bright and shiny, and will go with any sort of décor in the house. There is the possibility of it going tarnished if you don't polish it regularly, but if polished regularly, it will always look amazing. It doesn't hurt that it bears a striking resemblance to gold. Gold has always been a way to show off style and status, so why not do this on your own with the brass fireplace door?

  1. Strength – Brass is a very strong and hard-wearing metal with little chance of actual damage to it. It's more expensive, but it will last much, much longer than other materials for your doors. There is a difference between brass, which is very expensive, and brass plating, which is much cheaper. Brass plating is not very strong and can wear out easily. This can mean that that unless you are willing to pay for real brass, you need to know that what you are purchasing may not last the entire length of the time you are in a house. If you want a brass look with the strength, brass finishes on metal doors can be one good option. Check out some of our brass finishes on our brass fireplace doors category page.

  1. Heat-Resistance – Like other metals, brass has a high heat resistance level. If you are sure that what you have is real brass, you can be sure that the fires you light in your home won’t affect your doors!

  1. Non-Corrosive – This means the metal will not break down or rust at the slightest contact with other substances such as water. You can just simply wipe it down with water or polish.

  1. Easy to Clean – You will have to clean a lot because brass can tarnish easily, but the cleaning process is easy and quite rewarding. There are several specialty products for cleaning, so the process is made even easier!

Brass fireplace doors seem old-fashioned, but their comeback suggests that the customers purchasing them are trendsetters and want everyone to know how suitable for their lives brass doors are. So what are you waiting for? Look into brass doors for your fireplace today! Check some of our doors that can be shipped with a brass finish.