Fireplace Tools - Style and Utility

Fireplace Tools

If you are like most homeowners, you don’t think much about the tools that sit beside your fireplace. Maybe you figured they were just for decoration. Maybe you never considered how a tool should look or if it should match your décor.

But fireplace tools aren’t just for hearth maintenance. They can also be a statement of style, pulling together the hearth look you want. Style and utility—these are the two major factors to consider when you are deciding on which fireplace tool set to buy. 

What Are Those Fireplace Tools and Accessories, and What Do They Do? 

Most fireplace tool sets consist of the following:

• Poker – The fireplace poker is primary for stoking a lit fire and moving logs. You can use the graceful, curved hook to pull a wayward log back into position.
• Shovel – Use the shovel to remove ash and cold cinders from your hearth. Ash build-up is unsightly and unsafe. Never remove hot ashes from a hearth.
• Broom – Use the brook to sweep ash and debris from the grate and hearth. You can use the shovel as a dustpan to catch the sweepings.
• Tongs – The tongs can grab a burning log to reposition it in the fire.


Size Matters

You can select from many different sizes when choosing a fireplace tool set. To know which size works for your fireplace, you should think about how you will use the tools. If you burn firewood frequently, you will probably want a set with a large shovel and stiff, durable bristles on the broom. A large fireplace calls for a larger tool set. If you have a non-working hearth or a gas fireplace, you should probably consider a smaller fireplace tool set for decoration.

Contemporary: The New Look

John S. Adams, a distributor for fireplace tools based out of Iowa, says modern design is becoming more popular among homeowners shopping for fireplace toolsets. These updated sets have a newer, streamlined style with four tools in brushed steel, brushed nickel, pewter, iron or basic black. The contemporary look of these toolsets goes well with family room electronics like plasma televisions.

The most popular choice for contemporary toolsets is iron. “There is more ornamental iron work in lamps, mirrors and other fixtures,” says Adams.

Brass—Thing of the Past?

“Polished brass has all but totally gone away,” says Adams. This is true of almost all home fixtures from lights to cabinet hardware to fireplace tools. Many designers are replacing polished brass with more updated options. Designer Beth Norton even pointed out the “outdated brass” in the “Before” picture she took of a condo renovation.

Brass has not completely disappeared, however. Many overseas manufacturers still make high-quality brass tool sets for that traditional look. If you want that burnished look, antique brass and copper are both solid choices.

Modern or Traditional: Your Choice

Thinking about a contemporary, modern design? Or maybe you prefer the traditional look? Either way, Brick-Anew has a complete line of fireplace tools to fit your design choice, you décor, and your budget. And check out fireplace accessories like fireplace screens, grates, candelabras, and firebacks available in finishes complementary to your new tools.