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Brick-Anew FAQ's

What do you get when you order a Brick-Anew paint kit?

5 shades of latex paint product, a tool kit (which includes 3 small rollers, 1 roller handle, sponge, painter’s tape, 1 small paint brush, 1 medium paint brush, rubber glove, and a paint.) You also receive a step by step instructional DVD.

How Much Paint Should I order?

  • If you have up to 60 square feet of brick, 1 kit should be enough. 
  • If you  have 65-80 square feet,  order 1 kit plus 1 extra base coat.
  • If you have 85-100 square feet to cover, order 1 kit plus 2 base coats.  

These amounts are based on our best guess as to how much paint you’ll need.  If your brick is porous, you might need a little more base coat and if your brick has been previously painted, you might need a little less.  

I’ve never done a do-it-yourself project before. How hard is the process?

It’s not hard at all. Paint on a base coat over all your brick and mortar. Use a roller or sponge to apply 4 “undertone” colors. That’s it! You don’t have to be artistic. It’s like following a recipe. Just do the steps in order and you should get beautiful results.


"I don’t like fireplaces that look like someone just slapped a can of paint over the brick."

How is Brick-Anew different than that?

Brick-Anew makes it look like you've bricked your fireplace with a different color brick. The bricks’ texture remains the same, it’s just the color of the brick that’s changed. The undertone colors provide the color variation real brick has, thus the effect is so realistic that many of our customers are so excited that they are proud to send us their before and after pictures.


Can I buy Brick-Anew at a retail store?

No, we only sell the kit from our website at this time.


How is Brick-Anew shipped?

Fed Ex Ground in the Continental United States.


How long will it take for me to receive my order?

We ship paint products out Monday, Wednesday and Friday's from Atlanta,GA.


How much base coat comes in the kit?

2 quarts which will cover approximately 65 sq ft.


Do I need the clear matte finish?

The clear matte finish, which comes in a quart container, is a clear, non-shiny polyurethane that paint over your Brick-Anew to protect your painted brick surface. It is an optional step for your hearth and is not included in the kit. Your fireplace undergoes some serious wear-and-tear, and our clear matte finish adds an extra layer of protection against damage from fireplace tools, stacked logs, and other items placed on your hearth. Covers approximately 20 - 30 sq. feet.


Is shipping free?

Shipping is free for orders $199.00 and up in the continental United States. (See our policy page for more shipping information.)  


Will Brick-Anew work on fireplace brick that’s been painted before?

Yes. If the fireplace was painted with a latex paint, just go right over it with Brick-Anew. If the fireplace was painted with an oil-based paint, lightly sand the brick to rough up the surface, apply a lacquer sealer which you can purchase at a local paint store, and then start the Brick-Anew process.


Are there any harsh fumes in the Brick-Anew kit?

No, since the kit only contains latex product. However, the black firebox paint, which you can order separately, has very strong fumes until it dries.


How long does the Brick-Anew process take to complete?

For a standard sized fireplace (about 48 square feet of brick) it will take about 4 - 5 hours.


What publications has Brick-Anew been seen in?

Southern Living, Decorate with Paint, Country Sampler Magazine, The Virginian Pilot, Concrete and Masonry Magazine, and Paint Magic Magazine.


Do you give customer email information out to other companies?

Absolutely not!


Have A Question?

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