Calm Your Fears... Advice from our Expert Fireplace Door Customer Service Reps!

The customer service team at Brick has been dealing with customers and fireplace doors for years. We take the time to find out everything we can about your fireplace prior to creating your new fireplace doors. When we say customer service, we mean it! We believe in seeing your order through from beginning to end and making certain you feel confident in your purchase.

Take a look at these frequently asked questions:

Replacement Fireplace Doors

Can’t I just buy the fireplace replacement doors without the frame?

In some cases, Yes! You can buy just the doors. Our Replacement Fireplace Doors are model and manufacturer specific. If you don’t see your model number, then the replacement fireplacedoors will not work for your fireplace. Why?


These doors may look just like your old doors but since the tracks and clips vary, even the slightest difference can cause the doors not to fit properly. If you do not see your manufacture and model number listed, you can choose fireplace doors that come with a frame. We recommend our EZ Doors.


What if I can’t locate my model number and/or my manufacturer?

No sweat! We take a few extra steps with our customers who are unable to locate their manufacturer and/or model numbers. All we ask is that you to take a few pictures. These pictures allow us to see what you are working with and which of our doors will work best for your specific fireplace.


What If I Can't Locate My Fireplace Model Number?

Take a  picture with tape measure in full view to show the height of your firebox. 

Take a  picture with tape measure in full view to show the width of your firebox. 

Take a  picture up close of your full fireplace so that we can see the top, sides,  and bottom of the firebox. We need to see all four sides of the fireplace and about 1 inch of what is coming in on the sides, be it tile, stone, marble, brick or anything else.

Taking pictures is a great and simple way to give us the information we need to help you get the correct size door for your fireplace. When you send your pictures to,  they are reviewed thoroughly before we offer specific suggestions for your fireplace. 


For The Customer Who Knows Their Manufacturer and Model Number:

For The Customer Who Knows Their Manufacturer and Model Number:

There are many Fireplace Door Manufacturers. Who made your fireplace?

Some manufactures include Lennox, Superior, Majestic, Heatilator, Temco, Temtex, Preway, FMI, Heat-N-Glo, Marco, Martin, Dessa, and Underwriters Laboratories.

Do you have a visible model number on the tag located inside your firebox?

Having this information helps the confirmation process run quickly and smoothly, because we are able to match up your dimensions with your manufacturers specifications for your model. We then know immediately whether or not to send it on to production.

Customer Concern Number Three: What If I Measure Incorrectly?

Don’t worry about being exactly right with your measurements. We will know if you are correct and immediately give you a call or send you an email to confirm our speculations.

Here is a great article for you to see how to measure your fireplace

I gave you my model number, do you still need my measurements?

Yes, we need you to physically lay hands on your fireplace for your height and your width. When you measure:

  1. It makes confirmation SUPER FAST!
  2. It helps to ensure you are ordering the correct fireplace doors for your model.
  3. It helps us know if someone modified your fireplace, your measurements will tell the story.

When Should I Expect My New Fireplace Doors? We ship fast!

Each new fireplace door set we sell has what we call an estimated lead time. That lead time estimation for your order will be spot on during the off season but,in the winter months, can be subject to change. The important thing to know is that shipping on Fireplace Doors is always free, and that we take the time that we need to make sure you are getting exactly what you want!

Here are a few reasons your door order could be delayed:

  1. FedEx or UPS Delivery, especially during the winter months, can cause unexpected delays.

  2. If your order comes in after hours on Friday or over the weekend, the first available time for us to review would be Monday.

  3. Your dimensions have not been confirmed and we are awaiting pictures or further correspondence from you.

  4. Glass or framing materials ordered from other vendors did not meet our high specifications. We then reorder the glass and/or framing materials, which can take a few days to arrive.

*Remember that estimated shipping of your doors is just that, an estimate, and is always subject to change.

We hope that ordering new fireplace glass doors is a pleasant experience for you! Remember that we are here to assist you in making sure you get what you want the first time!

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