Affordable Copper Fireplace Doors Powder Coat Finish

Copper fireplace doors provide a rustic finish for your fireplace. In this short article we are going to discuss copper fireplace doors and your options to achieve the “copper look” for less money.

Did you know that if you wanted actual forged copper fireplace doors that you would have to work with a custom manufacturer? Although they are absolutely beautiful, you could end up spending more than $1000.00 to get custom fireplace doors with a copper finish. Ouch, that can really be quite a hit to the budget especially when you think about the shipping time and what will happen if your custom fireplace doors aren’t quite right or if they happen to break!

Getting the Look of Copper Fireplace Doors for Less

A beautiful copper finish for fireplace glass doors and screens isn’t out of reach. You can have it, and you can have it for far less money than if you chose a custom manufacturer. You can get the look of forged copper fireplace doors from 14 gauge stainless steel doors that have a copper powder coat finish. Take our Merino model for pre-fab fireplaces as an example. You get the durability and strength that you expect from stainless steel and a beautiful copper finish for far less than you can get a custom forged piece. We also provide a five year warranty for your peace of mind.

Another benefit of choosing a stainless steel fireplace door with a copper finish such as the Merino is that you will get it faster. Although custom pieces are absolutely beautiful, there is often a long wait to receive your finished custom piece. Ordering your copper fireplace door from Brick-Anew will do more than save you money - it saves you time. Our products take less prep time and will be sent out much faster than a custom piece.

Other Questions About Copper Fireplace Doors?

Do you have other questions about copper fireplace doors? If so, give us a call! We are here to help answer your questions. We can answer your questions about durability, shipping, our warranty, and any other questions you may have about copper fireplace doors. Give our friendly, knowledgeable customer service agents a call Monday through Friday from 9:30 am - 4:00 pm at (800) 897-7175. We are also available by email. You can email your questions about copper fireplace doors to Let us help answer your questions!