What is a “bi-fold” glass door and what are the benefits and potential drawbacks to them?

Why Bifold Fireplace Doors?

Having a fireplace is a wonderful luxury. When the air outside becomes chilly, families can look forward to coming home and thawing out in front of a cozy fire. Bi-fold glass doors are a lovely way to accent your fireplace. Not only do they add to the elegance of your fireplace, but they are also functional and convenient.

Tracked Bifold Fireplace Glass Doors

Tracked Bi-fold Glass Fireplace Doors

A popular type of bi-fold glass door consists of four glass panes, two on each side, which are hinged and open like a closet door. These doors have handles for easy opening. This type of bi-fold glass fireplace door is typically assembled with a basic black frame that is fitted around the outside of the fireplace. The doors themselves are snapped into place inside and run the length of the metal frame along the top of the fireplace. The glass on these doors can be clear tempered or tinted, based on the preference of the homeowner. Tracked bi-fold fireplace doors are often preferred because they don’t open all the way out, meaning they are less likely to break if you have uneven or sharp surfaces surrounding your fireplace. These types of doors are also great for families with small children since they are more difficult for small hands to open. However, bi-fold glass doors do have seams that may let in chilly air when the fireplace is not in use.

Trackless Bifold Glass Fireplace Doors

Trackless Bi-fold Glass Fireplace Doors

Homeowners with fireplaces also have the option of trackless bi-fold glass fireplace doors. This means that the fireplace doors are not locked onto a track and are able to be pulled out of the frame and folded back to offer a full view of the fire. Since there are no hinges, these frameless fireplace doors fit flat against the surrounding edges of the fireplace. Trackless bi-fold glass fireplace doors have several benefits. They are easier to clean since both sides of the doors can be easily accessed. These doors are often less expensive and more versatile so they work on a variety of fireplaces, and again, they offer a wider view of the fire, which can be quite pleasant on chilly winter nights. However, trackless glass fireplace doors do pose a safety risk as they can break more easily and are exposed creating more dangers for people near the fire. Also these doors have easier pull handles which means small children can access the fireplace more easily, which can be a scary risk for families with small children. While there are risks involved with these doors, they do tend to offer a more elegant look, and they are more energy efficient with fewer seams to allow chilly air to leak into the room.

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