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Black Fireplace Child Guard

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Black Fireplace Child Guard

This child guard fireplace screen is a simple spolution to help keep children from the dangers of hot surfaces such as fireplaces and gas-woord burning stoves.

  • Child Guard Screen for Fireplace, Wood and Gas Stoves

  • Center: 30" H x 30" W - Sides: 30" H x 26" W

  • Each side panel measures 30 inches in height and 26 inches in width.

  • Solid Construction - Weighs approx.10 lbs, and is fairly difficult to move, due to dimensions.

  • Available only in black

The American Burn Association recommends the following:

Keeping your child safe around the fireplace. Burns from fireplaces and stove glass doors are preventable.

Never leave your child alone in the room with the fireplace.

Use a fireplace screen or gate around your gas fireplace during use to keep your child away from the glass door.

Follow these safety guidelines when visiting other homes.

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