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  1. The EZ Door Steel for Superior Fireplaces
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    The EZ Door Steel for Superior Fireplaces

    1 x $429.00
    Select Your Superior Fireplace Model Number
    B1238 --- SU20
    Please Enter Your Superior Fireplace Measurements
    37.75 x 20.75
    Select Glass Color
    Select Frame Finish
    Fine Textured Black only
Subtotal: $429.00

Replacement Mesh Curtains

Replacement Mesh Fireplace Curtains

48" x 18" to 48" to 30"
Includes hanging rod and black screen pulls
19 gauge 1/4" screens (sold in sets of two)
Hanging rod extends to maximum of 58" maximum width
Measure twice, so we cut once. Screen sales are final.

Replacement Mesh Curtains

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Replacement Fireplace Mesh Curtains

Replacement Fireplace Mesh Curtains
Price: $79.00