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EZ Door for Heatilator Fireplaces

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EZ Door for Heatilator Fireplaces

  • Made to fit your Make/Model
  • Black aluminum frame - Tempered 3/16" safety glass
  • Clear Glass Only Available for these fireplace doors
  • Bifold opens a full 90 degrees with ease
  • 1 1/8" width frame
  • 2 year warranty on glass and frame
  • Free Shipping, & Our Quality, No Hassle Return Guarantee
  • Standard turn around time is 3-4 weeks
  • IN STOCK: Means the parts are in stock & READY to create your fireplace doors. Each door is constucted to your measurements. 

Please Note: The maximum size for the EZ door is 42" by 22". If your fireplace exceeds these dimensions, or your model is not listed below, our Special Z Door is an affordable, comparable option.

The EZ Door

EZ Door

Our best value door, custom made for any pre-fab (zero clearance) Fireplace.

The EZ door is truly the lowest priced custom frame fireplace door on the market, yet the quality is anything but cheap – equal to or better than similar doors costing $500.00 or more.

 EZ Door Thickness

Photo (left) shows the corner of frame and thickness.

For the majority of the fireplaces, we use a Frame with the 2 (Bi-Fold) Glass Doors to properly retrofit your fireplace.

This frame is installed by sliding the frame back into the opening approximately 1 inch. The frame is secured by 4 screws. Next the doors are snapped into the newly installed frame. This ensures a proper fit every time


I Don't Know My Manufacturer or Model

Cust Measure

When your fireplace manufacturer and model number can't be located, snap some photo's (as shown)  send them and your measurements to 



The first step is measuring your fireplace so that you get the right doors. 

Watch the video tutorial

Where to Measure

 customer measuring

Measure the width and height of the steel opening where the enclosure will fit. This will be the same position that the fireplace manufacturer’s enclosure would be installed. Do not measure the finish material in front of the fireplace; brick, marble, slate, tile, etc.


Put the brackets on the side panels.

Use the self tapping screws to secure your frame into the firebox opening.

After you have made frame even, secure the frame, put the glass into the frame to complete your fireplace door installation.

Tools Needed

Electric Drill, - 5/32 Drill Bit, #2  - Phillips Screwdriver 

EZ Fit Measure 1

Position the frame in the fireplace and center the frame between the left and right side of the fireplace opening.

It is Important that the frame is installed with the correct side up to insure smooth operation of the doors.

 What to Expect when Measuring and Installing Fireplace Doors

Attaching the Doors

EZ Fit Measure 2

With the handle at the top (handles must be at the top) fold door together, and locate the bottom door pivot pin.

With panel door at 45 degree angle, place door pivot pin into the frame bottom receiving hole clip.

What to Expect when Measuring and Installing Fireplace Doors

Fire Safety tips here: 

Family Feet Fire Safety 

Keep fireplaces clean – have them inspected annually.

Leave glass doors open while burning. 

Do not leave a fire in the fireplace unattended.

Extinguish a fire before going to bed or leaving.

US Fire Administration

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If you can't find your Heatilator model number in the list, check out our "Special Z" model, or please give us a call. 800-897-7175
Quick Ship for $29.95 for These Select Models
In some instances a photo of how you have measured may be required.
The EZ Door is only available in Clear Glass

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