Rustic Mantels Are All The Rage

shenandoah Pearl MantelRustic Mantels are so in style right now. Almost every decorating magazine has pictures of rustic beams on the ceiling, rustic wood flooring and wall panels, and of course, rustic mantels. One of our most popular rustic mantels, the Ridgewood Mantel Shelf, is constructed from from pine wood and looks amazing on almost any fireplace. With a choice of lengths and stain colors, it’s easy to customize a mantel that’s just right for your fireplace. Installed with or without corbels, the Ridgewood adds a touch of rustic charm to your home. Check it out here:

The Brick-Anew Brick Paint Kit A “Wonderful Product”!

20150213_182433 - Copy

“I just wanted to say thank you so very much for creating such a wonderful product. My husband was very reluctant of me making this change. I showed him the Before & After pictures on your website and he gave me the go ahead. I prayed the whole time this would work for us too. After the about the 3rd step I almost stopped because I was so pleased with the results but continued until the end. I’m telling all my friends and family about Brick-Anew!”

That’s what Merl and Nate, from Dover, Delaware, had to say about the Brick-Anew brick paint kit! Their dark brown brick fireplace competed with the light-colored surrounding stone and made it stick out like a sore thumb. What an eyesore!

20150202_114118 - Copy (2)

They painted their fireplace 20150212_124924 - Copy (2)brick using our twilight taupe paint kit and created a softer look that makes the fireplace blend in with the surrounding stone,  creating a space that’s calm and serene.  Here’s to a  great job taking dated “Brady Bunch” brick and turning it into a beautiful focal point for their room!

New York City Mayor Proposes Ban On New Wood Burning Fireplaces

Fireplace glass doors should always remain open while the fire is burning

(Note: Fireplace glass doors should always remain open while the fire is burning.)








The mayor of New York City, Bill de Blasio, says he wants to cut down on air pollution by placing a ban on all new wood burning fireplaces, according to the Washington Post.  The mayor wants new fireplaces to use alternative methods of fuel such as natural gas which would not emit as many pollutants into the air as burning real wood .

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Why Choose Vented or Vent Free Gas Logs Instead Of Real Wood?

Royal Oak Vented Gas Logs at Brick Anew shop

Royal Oak Vented Gas Logs









Almost everyone loves the sound of the crackle and pop of a wood burning fire in the fireplace but due to new environmental regulations in some areas,  fireplace lovers are in search of realistic looking gas logs to take the place of the wood they have always burned.

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Summer Fireplace Decorating: Stack Books in the Firebox For A Creative Display

Summer fireplace decorating with books

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Inspiring summer fireplace decorating – check out these ideas for stack books in the firebox and easily achieve this creative display!





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Sometimes It’s Really OK To Paint Brick

Laura Putnam's decorating project and fireplace makeover

Designer Laura Putnam tells the story about how she made a sad room happy on her blog, “Finding Home”.  She was working with a client who had an older home with all the 80’s decor you can imagine…plaid couch, textured wallpaper, oak cabinets, and worst of all a big old dark red brick fireplace that seemed to suck the air out of the room.

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